Traveling with three small children is no small feat. There are SO many needs represented in this little group of 5 and when you add a stomach bug to the mix it just multiplies. As much as the non-stop parenting exhausts us, we’d never trade these memories made with our kids. They are growing up so fast so squeezing in these epic adventures is a must. These are the memories we’ll treasure for a lifetime: squeals of excitement on airplanes, shrieks of terror on a first roller coaster ride, and skips of glee at the sensation of sand between their toes (or not). 🙂 This vacation had high highs and low lows. The scenery and entertainment did not disappoint. I could move there tomorrow and be happy as a clam hiking the gorgeous coast and splashing in the waves with my little mermaid. Okay, may be I’d miss a few Okies a little too much. The low was definitely being slowed down by sickness as a yucky bug worked it’s way through our whole family with Emmy capping off our trip by barfing the minute we landed in Tulsa.

We stayed at an airbnb for the first time ever and it was such a success. I loved this beautifully decorated coastal charmer we chose. It was the perfect location: a short drive from La Jolla and all the attractions in the heart of San Diego. It had a pool/hot tub and beautiful park right down the road. Even the neighbors were super friendly! 🙂 Our second night in we were too pooped from traveling and time changes to go out on the town so we hung by the pool doing what the kids love best anyway. This sweet family offered us their leftover racks of beef kabobs and the girls kept taking snap chat pictures with our kids, oogling over how cute they were and offering them tons of snacks and candy. haha! If this place was for sale, I’d have convinced Matt we needed to move the family across country. 🙂 Also, you can not beat being able to spread out in separate bedrooms and cook in a kitchen. Especially with all the sickeness- I’m so thankful we didn’t try to stay in one hotel room.

Some of my favorite things we did…

We got so many recommendations for The Cottage in La Jolla! It was adorable and their scones were perfection. The kids approved of the wiki stick entertainment and pancakes! img_8621 img_8620 img_8622 img_8623Afterwards we walked down to the cove to see the seals and sea lions. This stretch of heaven was just gorgeous! The kids wanted to get as close as possible but we tried not to approach or get in their space, as this is their home. img_8619 img_8624 img_8626 img_8627img_2874img_8244 img_8629 img_8628After a beautiful day and lots of walking, we headed home for some much needed naps and pool time. With California being two hours earlier, we spent the whole trip hitting the sack around 8am and waking up around 5am. Oy!img_8634-1 img_8632 img_8631 img_8633I was up all throughout the night with what I thought was food poisoning. When Tuck woke up at 5 am throwing up as well, I knew our big Sea World plans were foiled. Matt spent the day taking care of all of us. He is such a great Daddy! He walked Em and Crosby to the park at least 5 times and was the best nurse ever. Thank goodness for Teledoc who called in some Zofran for me and finally put an end to the misery.

I was so glad this sickness didn’t ruin the whole trip and I woke up feeling ready to go the next day. It was SEA WORLD day! We got the San Diego Go Card for this and the zoo and it worked perfectly and saved us some time and money. This was for sure one of my favorite days of the trip. Crosby was a perfect baby hanging out in his Tula. This carrier was our saving grace. We used it everyday and I’m officially loving baby wearing for the first time ever.img_8365 img_8647    img_8646 img_8648img_8653-1img_8637img_8654img_8641img_8639 img_8652Emmy was in her glory with these animals and rides. She tried her first roller coaster ever and hated it! haha! We kept telling her how brave she was after she got off and she would say, “NO! I WAS NOT BRAVE! I WAS SCARED!!! I never want to do that again.” Like mother, like daughter I guess. Sorry Matt! I think one of her favorite parts of the day was reading the map and telling us where we needed to go. My favorite part was riding a simulated helicopter through the arctic with her. Her face was pure magic as she kept gripping me tighter and shouting, “WOW!!!  Whoa! Look at that!” She wanted every single stuffed animal and I told her we’d pick one out when we left. Then she said, “can we just leave now and go get an animal?” haha! That backfired. She is in LOVE with her new whale who was lovingly named Splash and then eventually renamed Free Willy. 🙂img_8656 Tuck scored an “Alex the Lion” and was just content to relax in the stroller with snacks. 🙂 He loved seeing all the animals too and can’t wait to be big enough for more rides. We tried and tried all day to get him to fall asleep in the stroller. Poor guy was still recovering and hadn’t been sleeping well at night. He fought it all day until we pulled into the garage that night at 7 pm and he got carried to bed completely zonked out.img_8650We’d heard amazing things about Phil’s BBQ and thought we’d do that for dinner after Sea World. It was SLAMMED (per usual I guess) so we opted for take out and had a “dinner party” with Emmy back at the house. The food was delish!img_8651Since we were waking up at 5 every morning, we were able to get out of the house early and I’m not going to lie- I kind of enjoyed it. We spent our morning hiking Torrey Pines and taking in the beauty of the ocean. Emmy could hardly wait to build sand castles and feel the water. Both the kids were timid at first and didn’t want to get too close to the waves. Before you knew it Emmy was soaked head to toe and running around with new friends. img_8419img_8666     img_8659  img_8661 img_8660 img_8662We didn’t think about packing swimsuits, snacks, and towels (duh) so I hiked back up with Crosby to gather some necessities. When I returned Tucker had his shoes back on and was pretty upfront that he would not be taking them off again (NOT a fan of sand). haha! We did convince him to join us in building castles and he was so cute with his excitement every time we lifted the bucket to reveal another perfect sand pile. He would say, “YES! We did it!!!” 🙂 Crosby loved the ocean air and kicking around on a towel. He is pure sunshine and it’s a good thing too. Three kids at the beach is tiring!img_8617img_8615 We ran home for some quick naps before making it to our reservation at George’s Ocean Terrace. This place! Probably my favorite moment of the trip! The view of La Jolla Cove + fish tacos + chocolate cake simply couldn’t be beat. A must visit for sure!img_8584 img_8580 img_8586 img_8588img_8698  img_8587img_8658img_3516 We rushed to pay our bill and get down to the shore before sunset was over. It was gorgeous! Em wanted to visit the sea lions again and even spotted the cutest little baby napping under a rock. The kids climbed trees and played tag while we breathed in the ocean air and took in the perfect weather. La Jolla is the cutest area and my favorite spot we adventured around in. I’m ready to move when Matt is. 🙂img_8583img_3576img_8568That night Matt was up throughout the night with the stomach bug and I thought our big zoo plans were bust. He took some of my meds and came around a little bit. He muscled through to get the these kids to the zoo. What a trooper! We got there as soon as it opened and took the skyfari first and headed straight for the LIONS! Unfortunately their exhibit was under construction and they were put away for the day. NOooooo! We soldiered on for about twenty minutes until we walked through a tunnel with benches and a tv. We’re the worst! haha! We ended up settling in and eating nearly all our food until we had the energy to get going again. We saw so many cool animals up close like a koala, orangutan, and hippo. The zoo was incredible with its forest like feeling and winding jungle paths.img_8677  img_8507   img_8671 img_8510 img_8508 img_8670Once again Em was our designated “map reader” and took her job very seriously. She would pretend to be a zoo worker and make up facts for all the animals: “The koala likes to eat red chameleons and red candy canes. Sometimes the moms need to cuddle them but sometimes that doesn’t make them cozy enough..” We made our way around the entire zoo before taking the skyfari back to the exit.img_8697 img_8669  img_8696 img_3650 img_3698 img_8693-1 img_8672It was a big day of walking and exploring and we were all pooped by the end. Everyone took a big nap when we got back to the house around 4 and when the boys woke up they weren’t feeling too hot again. So, Em and I went on a little date to the hot tub and Baked Bear for some pretty epic ice cream sandwiches- YUM! Although it’s rare, I love spending one-on-one time with her. I told her all kinds of stories about my Grandma who passed before she got to meet her. She asked lots of insightful questions and melted my heart. I told her how I loved coloring with my Grandma so Em wanted to bring her colors into Baked Bear and color with me. 🙂

Before flying out we hit the beach one more time. Em agreed to be buried in the sand and wanted me to do it over and over again. 🙂 We had lunch right on the ocean at World Famous and their shrimp tacos were divine! And, what’s vacation without some ice cream by the beach!? What an adventure life is with these littles. We are so thankful for everyday with them!img_8681 img_8683   img_8680 img_8686img_8689 img_8685 img_8688 img_8691 img_8692  img_8690 img_8560 img_8687 img_8563



Treadmill Friction Burn

Ever had a parenting emergency, googled… and were left to believe your kid may be dying or some unknown virus requiring years of treatments and possibly therapy? Ya… me neither. 😉 Google is a parents worst nightmare and yet, the best resource imaginable.

On our recent Colorado trip, Jonah got his left hand caught in the bottom of a hotel treadmill. It was my worst nightmare. Fear, panic, cold sweats. I felt totally incapable of being his mom.

I don’t panic often.  My nursing education typically roots me–makes me believe that physical issues are fixable and repairable. Yet, I’ve learned, that when its my baby (with open tissue and screams that evade sound) I loose all rooting. I panic.

Thank God for Josh, for a man that steps up to the plate and finds unknown strength in necessary times. Josh handled us all. He  kept us moving from step to step and encouraged Jonah through his fear.

Upon initial assessment, the backs of Jonah’s fingers (pointer, middle ring) were severly bruised. I immediately grabbed the cold, purified water in the gym room and dunked his fingers, not realizing that the real issue was on the other side of his hand. When Jonah pulled his hand out of the water and turned his hand over, we both gasped. All I could do was say the name of Jesus. The pads of Jonah’s middle and ring finger were ripped open, gapping holes, burns that made my bones ache.


We rushed back to our hotel room, Jonah screaming and sobbing, me crying and racking my brain for solutions (but coming up empty-handed). Josh immediately reminded me that although I had nothing first aid comparable, I did have Resinol in my diaper bag. We grabbed ice from the room freezer, doused the wound in Resinol, and gave Motrin. And then, we prayed. Prayed for the pain to stop, prayed for wisdom and prayed for supernatural strength for our strong little man.

Jonah cried for a long time. We just held him and prayed. I ached to take the terrible pain of the burn, knowing the pain is not easily cured.

When he had gathered his reserve, we bandaged the fingers in gauze and bandaids from the front desk and took a few pictures to send to our doctor. We were headed to Colorado Springs and agreed that we would wait for our doctors advice before pursing further medical treatment.

And that’s where Google comes in. I googled friction burns and treadmill accidents and partial thickness burns. I was determined to be an active parent, even if we were out of our element. I didn’t want to miss anything in making sure my four-year-old healed quickly and appropriately. Well, Google gave me everything I didn’t want to see. Broken bones, major antibiotics, skin grafting, physical therapy, even amputation. Oh Jesus. My head was literally spinning, I had to roll the windows down, let the tears tears flow and trust Jesus. Josh looked at me and whispered, “Look at Jonah. He’s laughing, he isn’t in pain. You can’t take on more pain than he has. We’re going to be okay.”


That evening, our doctor called. He gave me clear directions on how clean and dress the wound with antibiotic ointments and nonstick bandaids. He said to keep the wound clean and it would all heal.

Deep breath. Thank God for a good doctor and for assurance.

We picked up all kinds of bandages and Polysporin at Walgreens. We used Polysporin because it was the most expensive antibiotic option. Maybe silly, but when I looked at Jonah’s wound, I had no desire to be thrifty.

Over the next couple days, we kept Jonah’s fingers covered in Polysporin. We applied non-stick wound pads over the fingers and then used the large bandaids to wrap the two fingers together. Bandages were changed twice a day. We used medical tape to cover any gaps or openings when we went hiking or exploring.

Jonah was AMAZING, he still wanted to climb rocks and play on jungle gyms. He kept his fingers protected, but still used his left thumb to grip. He never complained of pain after the initial incident.

I write this all out for others. For those that google and don’t find hope. Here. This is your hope. We never actually saw the doctor. I sent our doctor pictures on Day 3 and Day 12, just to be sure healing was on point. He replied, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Around day 10, when open tissue had closed, we started having Jonah leave the bandaids off for some periods of time. This made him super nervous, so we started with just a 30min TV show and his hand on a designated towel, then progressed to a couple hours here and there. On day 12, he slept without a bandaid for the first time. This really sped up the healing. On day 16, we finally stopped using bandaids all together. The ring finger skin had healed, pealed, scabbed and regrown. The middle finger just has a deep scab left.

And finally, one month later, all the skin is healed and Jonah is using and bending all his fingers. He shows no residual side effects.


There were times I doubted the healing progress. It was slow, we went through LOTS of bandaids. We really worked on making sure the new skin was bending, stretching and growing. But, here we stand one month later with our Jonah and his two “new” fingers. 🙂

Juarez October 2016

A recap of this fun-filled month… just so I don’t forget all this fun!

Tulsa State Fair- Pineapple Whip, Corn, Deer eating your shirts, aggressive llamas, cheap roller coaster and fun house, monkey shows, BMX bikers, and the butterfly house. Once-A-Year magic.


Pumpkin Town-, tube tunnels, rolling pipes, air balloon jumper, only cold day of the fall…. and Miles crashing on Mommy :).


Soccer- first (and only) goal, first competition, snacks, family, cheering, pedicures, friends.


Carmichaels- Dad had the flu, dark maze, corn maze, feeding llamas, feeding goats, porcupines, friends.


Halloween- A Chipmunk, Leonardo and the Animal Rescuer. Friends, candy, running, sore legs, “Happy Trick or Treat”, sorting candy, eating candy, Reese’s.


Boho Baby Shower

Angie had the fabulous idea to throw a shower for our very loved babysitter, “Miss Alexa”. She has been such a blessing to both of our families and we all adore her! She’s having her first little baby in January and we wanted this to be a special time of celebration for her family and friends. I had a blast putting this together with Ang! She’s took on the menu and hosting while I got right on crafting the decor. 🙂 Here’s a look at our boho inspired brunch…

We partnered with PosterSimplicity (the cutest little Etsy shop) to design some sweet invites and “new mommy advice cards”. I love the way they both turned out. It’s been a while since I’ve done paper invites but for something as special as a first baby, I think it was perfect. All the family members loved getting something they could keep as a memory forever.img_7986

We used the advice cards as a filler after the present opening had wrapped up. It was touching to hear women of all different ages offering her support and encouraging her to be confident in her own “momming abilities”. I’m glad she has so many women cheering her on in this new journey!img_7916img_7917We also did “late night diaper messages” for the tired mama. This always seems to end up being the kids station for artwork.  Hopefully she’ll get a kick out of their pictures when it’s 2 am and she’s still awake. 🙂img_7919 img_7918 img_2469

I traded in my tissue paper for yarn this time. I had so much fun creating this backdrop. This kind of stuff is like hours of therapy for me. 🙂 Matt found me the perfect branch in the back yard. I bought about 8 spools of yarn in cream, wine, and orange and got busy. I love the way it turned out and plan on selling it so it can get way more use. I feel like it would make such a cool headboard, outdoor wedding backdrop, or even a huge statement wall hanging.img_7988img_7864

I made some yarn tassels for a mobile in Crosby’s room and loved the way they turned out so I decided to use this idea again somehow. I layered a few colors on a branch for a little extra “pop of boho”. Also selling this piece if anyone’s an interested buyer!? 🙂img_7912

Angie and Josh did amazing with the spread. Josh is a master chef and made three incredibly unique and delicious quiches. They were BOMB! They also made a zillion waffles and had all the fixings which we spread out and used butcher paper to label.img_7908 img_7906 img_7907

Angie put together the cutest gift basket of our favorite mom items for Miss Alexa: nose frida, bandana bibs, pampers diapers, gas drops, board books, Aiden and Anias swaddle blankets, Mother’s Love nipple cream, and Via instant coffee. img_7911We love celebrating babies and making mama’s feel loved! 🙂img_2530 img_7870img_7865img_7881  img_7885img_7863

Parent/Teacher Conferences

They’re this epic moment in life. A moment that you see your child through the eyes of another caretaker. You walk in, hoping they see the beauty in your children that you see; hoping that they see the struggles as conquerable, hoping they believe in the courage and integrity you’ve taught your little loved one since birth.

My kids go to a small classical Christian school. I believe with all my heart that God led us to this beautiful community and gave us undoubtable peace that this is the place, for this season, for our kids. However, like any decision that costs (what feels like) WAY too much money, I still walk through moments of asking God to reaffirm that we are still in the right place. For me, parent/teacher conferences seem to always be the affirmation I need.

Our teachers have been unbelievable. They have loved my kids in a fresh, inspiring, comforting, unrelenting way. They have seen the small details that I thought only I noticed. They have worked with us to address “bumps” in the road and they have been encouragers when the learning seemed tough.

Leaving conferences made me come home, hug my kids a little tighter and thank God for these incredible little souls that I get to call my kids.

Norah is in First Grade. This year, her teacher highlighted to me what a great friend she is to her classmates. She wants to include everyone, loves to have LOTS of friends and everyone wants to be her friend. She’s emerging as a confident leader in the class and she is always kind to others. Her teacher totally pinged her when she concluded conferences with, “Norah’s greatest trait is her tenacity. She isn’t easily discouraged and she never gives up on doing something the right way.” She is meeting all her learning metrics, reads with REALLY good expression and most importantly, she is LOVING school!

Jonah is in Pre-K. This was his first conference and I was so intrigued to see how his teacher saw him. His teacher highlighted how kind Jonah is and how great of a friend he is too! She said he is very aware of his friends, loves to participate and listens when others speak. Jonah is thriving in the school environment and learning very quickly. He has met every assessment 100% (this kid continues to shock us) and his teacher said she finally asked him, “Jonah, do you remember EVERY word I say??” 🙂 The best part though, is that she noticed his proud smile. She said that when he gets an answer right, he has this little extra happy smile and his eyes light up and it just melts her heart (she noticed that… oh my happy mom heart!) Jonah is working on his perseverance, he is very hard on himself when he doesn’t get something right the first time. But, he’s learning and growing as a little man and I love that his teacher is actively working on character traits as much as learning metrics. We’re teaching Jonah that at every stage in life, he’ll need to trust Jesus. He’ll never have ALL the answers and being 4 is a great time to learn to ask Jesus for help. 🙂

If you’re on the school journey, approaching it or doing your own homeschool adventure, trust Jesus that He has the perfect education system for your family. The school years are a long, fun season and to be in the right place, in the right season is humbling. To stand in awe of God, that He prepared this time for your family, is a peace that overwhelms you with thankfulness.

The school decision is a HUGE decision, but just as you were equipped to parent your kid through tantrums and sleep training, you are equipped to know the right place for education too! God leads through peace and He gave you your precious little souls to parent. Explore your options, trust God and enjoy the journey.




A Patriotic Halloween

DIY costume prep begins the day after Tuck’s August birthday. First, there’s about a month of deliberation and negotiation on what each kid will be and then there’s the actual collecting, cutting, and assembling to complete. Everything you see here can be replicated at home with a little determination and a whole lot of hot glue…img_7805 Crosby went as “BABEraham Lincoln” and pulled it off perfectly. Doesn’t this look just scream, “four score and seven years..”? Unfortunately, his top hat got left behind when we went to trick-or-treat at the cousin’s neighborhood (there’s a debate going about whose fault that was). And, about half-way down the street he threw up all over himself filling the cup-holders and base of the stroller and drenching his get-up completely. Poor guy! He spent the rest of his holiday in a borrowed onesie cuddling on Pa’s lap. 🙂 img_7795img_7798img_7802When asked what he was going to be for Halloween, Tuck would always happily reply, “THE OLYMPICS!” 🙂 I found some silver SOLO cups in the pantry and cut the bottoms off to create Phelps’ signature Beats headphones. His swim cap is one of Crosby’s beanies to which I stitched an American flag and hot glued some foam letters. Come Halloween night, it took some convincing to get him into his costume but he was proud as a peach the second he started getting loads of attention. The more neighborly compliments this boy received, the more you’d notice him loudly stroking his medals. I think his costume was the favorite! 🙂img_7794img_7797img_7799Em loves all the souvenirs Daddy brings home from his NYC trips so she knows all about Lady Liberty. She was so excited about her crown and props and I was just thankful the whole thing didn’t come apart the second she put it on. This dress is the most homemade thing you’ve ever seen. I bought a bunch of silky mint fabric and got busy with my glue gun. There’s some elastic and an old stained dress under there somewhere and it did the job. I made her crown by painting a foam one we had at home. I added the points by cutting out some aqua paper plates we had in the pantry.  For the torch I painted and drew with sharpie on a cone and lit it with gold tissue paper. Her book is a wrapped Amazon box. I love this pretty girl and how excited she gets about things like this. She’s game for anything!img_7787img_7796 Trick-or-treating in HJ and Chelsea’s neighborhood has become our yearly tradition. They have gobs of kids and everyone sits on their driveways to pass out candy. Angie and her kids stopped by to join us going house to house. Norah was an animal rescuer with Miles being her chipmunk. 🙂 Jonah showed up as a ninja turtle ready to get the bad guys. My sister-in-law, Chels, went all out with Mr. Peanut and a bunch of grapes (PB&J). Georgia was the star of the show covered in  her favorite, purple balloonsI Love all these kids so much!img_7788img_7789 img_7790I think my kids had the most fun passing out the candy. They spent the second half of the night combing through their big bowls of candy, pointing out their favorite costumes, and greeting each neighbor with fistfuls of candy to plop in their pumpkins. Crosby’s crazy vomit incident, Em nearly darting into the street (cue the Mommy heart attack), and a potty accident by Tucker sealed the deal that it was time to end our epic evening and get home. Until next year- Em’s got big plans to be a tree or may be an acorn! 😉

Go USA!img_7775

Hula Hoop Tricks

Our six-year old has turned into a hula hoop enthusiast. She picked up a hula hoop (or sometimes three) during recess and fell instantly in love. She seems to be always adding to her list of tricks!

Norah is our tenacious girl. She never gives up on a challenge. She works hard, loves to practice and finds so much pride in accomplishing new tasks.

She’s asked me for weeks to help her make a video, so that other kids can learn to do cool tricks too. I’m sure this is just the first of many Norah tutorials! 🙂

Mr. Miles: Month TEN


Oh, this little boy! He continues to completely steal our hearts.

This month has brought so many happy changes for Mr. Miles. He learned to crawl! Our (almost) always content little man decided to finally embark on his own path. After weeks of frustration, with only crawling backwards or rolling around, Miles finally realized that being a little brother was the thing that motivated him. 🙂 One evening, Norah and I sat on the back deck playing Monopoly cards and looked over to see Miles inching forward to our stack of cards. He reached them, smashed them and sat up to make sure he completely messed up our neat pile. Nor and I held our breath and then erupted in claps of praise. The rest of the evening was spent enticing Miles across the carpet with Monopoly cards and goldfish. We were all so proud of him!

The next big change… teething! The excuse parents love to use for a cranky baby, the excuse I do my best not claim. But, no more excuses. We have a swollen, right below the gum line bottom tooth. The third time around, teething is a lot less intimidating. Now, we just wait for this much-anticipated tooth to break through.


Eating is so fun these days. Miles new favorite food is eggs. The boy could eat 2-3 all on his own. He loves to smash the scrabbled pieces into his mouth and giggles as Xavi (our dog) licks the highchair around his legs. Miles still loves the food packs too. He engulfs any snack he can get his hands on. For such a little guy, he eats his good share of food. He loves to nurse in the morning, it is such a sweet time of cuddles, but after that, the boy just wants big people food. I feel like I won a mom award if I can get him to nurse more than twice a day.

Babbling, babbling, babbling. Miles loves to clap his hands and say, “ayyyyy!” (yay). He waves “eeeeeyyyee” (hi), shakes his head (no) and put his hands up “ohhhh” (uh-oh). We’re still waiting on a definite Dada or Mama. 🙂 Oh, how we long to hear those words!


Miles big adventure was to Colorado. We spent Fall Break in Colorado Springs/Denver area and this boy was amazing! He slept on the go, was pushed far past bedtimes and any semi-routine we had. We were in complete awe of his go-with-the-flow attitude… until day 6. We moved to a hotel room in downtown Denver and Miles went down for the night like normal. Around 11pm, he woke up screaming. We tried to nurse, comfort, sing, give a paci, take a shower, etc. Finally he just decided to be awake… giggling away as his big brother and sister miraculously slept 5ft away during the wee hours of the morning. Josh and I took turns the rest of the night strollering Miles around in the fitness room. Miles would sleep for 30min, then cry again, sleep an hour, then cry again. Oh my goodness, were we exhausted by 7am! Teething or maybe just pushed past his limit, I have no idea. BUT, he slept the next night and when we got home he slept SO much. Good thing we love this little guy SO much! 🙂

Miles also went to his first Tulsa Fair! The butterflies and corn dogs were his favorite. (Bad idea on the corn dog though… gas for dayzzzz).

We met our sweet Autralian/American friend Owen, visited the pumpkin patch and celebrated Nana’s birthday too!

I wish I could know that Miles would remember these wonderful moments. However, pictures will have to do the work of reminding him how greatly loved he is and how great of an adventure this life he lives is.


This Cool Cat is FOUR MONTHS OLD!


Crosby boy is getting BIG! And.. I’m not just saying that. Today’s doctor’s appointment confirmed our “little” guy is in the 99th percentile for height! That’s not the first time we’ve been told that. haha! He’s following in Tuck’s footsteps with his long legs and chunky belly. We like em’ that way around here! 🙂

He’s growing up a ton and his little personality is coming out more and more. He’s started grabbing at everything. Anytime Emmy or I get close he clenches onto our hair and quickly gets the strands tangled in his tiny wet fingers. ouch! Em is such a good sport about it and usually pretends to be hurt to make him smile. He LOVES his feet and grabs them any chance he gets. He’s constantly sucking on his fingers (as many as he can jam in his mouth at a time).

He’s still not a big tummy time fan and only lasts a few minutes. He’s got great head control though and has been spending more time in the Bumbo chair. He’s still not on any kind of a schedule besides sleeping 7-7 at night. PTL!

We love this guy so much! He feels like the perfect puzzle piece for our family. His sweet smile and bright eyes are the highlight of my day and I keep falling more in love. This year of firsts is special beyond words and we’re trying hard to treasure every stage, phase, and moment. Life with three is busy but beautiful!img_7408

At the end of the video you can hear Tuck asking, “Can we give him candy now?” 🙂 img_7409

A Toothy Tale

My baby girl lost her first tooth today. I still remember the day that little white dot appeared on her gums. Funny how little moments like these remind you how fast it’s all flying by and make you want to have a good cry!

Last weekend Emmy bit into an apple and completely panicked when her tooth came loose. I could hardly believe it was happening so soon- she’s only four! We tried to ease her worries and assure her this was supposed to happen. She quickly turned from tears to thrill. She could hardly wait to get to school to show her friends her loose tooth (kind of a BIG symbol of being a BIG kid).

Grandma Smith was visiting this week and brought a special tooth pillow for Em. She hasn’t been anywhere without it. She brought it into the gym this morning to show all the girls. She walked out snuggling it and singing, “I love you! I love you”, to her prized possession. haha She’s asked me 101 questions about how this tooth fairy thing works and the funny part is she knows it’s us but she still loves playing along.

We sat down to have some chicken soup for dinner and I gave her some crackers to crumble and add in. She bit down on a cracker piece and looked at me with the biggest eyes. “My tooth just came out” she shouted! I gasped and told her to spit her food out but it was too late.. her first tooth had escaped down her throat. She was so scared about this until I explained it would come out on the toilet eventually. She called Daddy and the grandmas to share her exciting news right away. Em proudly announced to Gram, “It went down my throat! But… that’s okay. It’ll come out in my poopy!!!” 🙂 Gram suggested we draw a picture of her tooth instead and leave that inside her special pillow. Emmy was on top of it. She quickly grabbed her drawing utensils and got to work, coming up with what she wanted to say and sounding out the words.

It was an epic parent moment: sneaking into her bedroom to play tooth-fairy for the very first time. What’s the going rate for a tooth these days anyway!? We settled on a $2 bill which is way more than I ever got as a kid. haha! I think back to my childhood and how amazing these things were to me. Well, I can honestly say it’s even more fun being the parent. I LOVE getting to watch her experience life and be a part of making it exciting! Mom life is pretty awesome! 🙂