A Toothy Tale

My baby girl lost her first tooth today. I still remember the day that little white dot appeared on her gums. Funny how little moments like these remind you how fast it’s all flying by and make you want to have a good cry!

Last weekend Emmy bit into an apple and completely panicked when her tooth came loose. I could hardly believe it was happening so soon- she’s only four! We tried to ease her worries and assure her this was supposed to happen. She quickly turned from tears to thrill. She could hardly wait to get to school to show her friends her loose tooth (kind of a BIG symbol of being a BIG kid).

Grandma Smith was visiting this week and brought a special tooth pillow for Em. She hasn’t been anywhere without it. She brought it into the gym this morning to show all the girls. She walked out snuggling it and singing, “I love you! I love you”, to her prized possession. haha She’s asked me 101 questions about how this tooth fairy thing works and the funny part is she knows it’s us but she still loves playing along.

We sat down to have some chicken soup for dinner and I gave her some crackers to crumble and add in. She bit down on a cracker piece and looked at me with the biggest eyes. “My tooth just came out” she shouted! I gasped and told her to spit her food out but it was too late.. her first tooth had escaped down her throat. She was so scared about this until I explained it would come out on the toilet eventually. She called Daddy and the grandmas to share her exciting news right away. Em proudly announced to Gram, “It went down my throat! But… that’s okay. It’ll come out in my poopy!!!” 🙂 Gram suggested we draw a picture of her tooth instead and leave that inside her special pillow. Emmy was on top of it. She quickly grabbed her drawing utensils and got to work, coming up with what she wanted to say and sounding out the words.

It was an epic parent moment: sneaking into her bedroom to play tooth-fairy for the very first time. What’s the going rate for a tooth these days anyway!? We settled on a $2 bill which is way more than I ever got as a kid. haha! I think back to my childhood and how amazing these things were to me. Well, I can honestly say it’s even more fun being the parent. I LOVE getting to watch her experience life and be a part of making it exciting! Mom life is pretty awesome! 🙂


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