Jonah and Emmy’s Night of FUN!

These kids (12 days apart) have been thick as thieves since day twelve. They spent their newborn days snoozing next to each other in their infant carriers. They raced to be the first to crawl, stand, and walk. They conquered preschool together. They’ve shared birthday parties, sleepovers, toys, and even a love for the OCTONAUTS!

When we heard “Octonauts Live” was going to be at the Brady Theater, we knew we had to make their dreams come true. We decided to bring just the two of them and make it a special little night of fun for them. We showed up ahead of Jonah and Angie and stood outside waiting for them to arrive. When Jonah turned the corner and they first saw each other it was like a slow motion run to greet one another. Heart-melted. They couldn’t have been more excited!img_6362img_6382The show was adorable and the kids thought it was the best thing in the world. They were so into it the whole time. Emmy has what we call a “thinking face”, where you can totally tell her wheels are turning like crazy. She had this look the ENTIRE show! During the show they would involve the crowd and have them yell certain things and at one point she looked at me and said, “really say it this time, Mom! They need our help!” The ocotpod was “broken” and it was supposed to take 15 minutes to fix (intermission) and Jonah was so concerned. He asked Angie, “so, if they don’t fix it, is it all over!?” πŸ™‚

This is their “Octonauts to the HQ pose”! img_6383Β  At the end of the show they made everyone in the crowd a “real Ocotnaut” and Emmy’s so proud of it. She called Matt on our way home and kept telling him, “No, for real, Dad! I’m a REAL octonaut. That’s what they said!” πŸ™‚ Also, on the way home I was asking her about the three blob-fish named Bob and she said, “No, Mom! They’re names were BLOB! Not BOB! You must have just not been listening very good because I was listening carefully and they’re names were BLOB!” haha But, seriously guys, their names WERE Bob. I know what I heard! haha! img_6386

After our epic Octonauts adventure, we walked to Antoinette’s for a treat. My treat was black coffee because #diet. The kids enjoyed (shoveled down in 30 seconds or less) a sugar cookie bar. Then they spilled one of their waters and didn’t stop playing “water factory” the rest of the night. They were having too much fun doing who knows what with napkins and water and Ang and I just let them go. They kept each other cracking up the whole night. They were so cute trying to convince us they needed a slice of pie because this was a DATE after-all. πŸ™‚Β  After dessert, we decided to grab some real food at STG, where the water works continued on (which also meant about 5 trips to the bathroom).img_6364 img_6387 img_6388

It’s so nice to get one-on-one time with the kids and focus all our attention on them. I’m so thankful these two are the best of friends. To see their sweet bond is the fulfillment of our hopes for them dating back to the womb. Two peas in a pod, our little Octonaut cadets! πŸ™‚


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