A Night at Pumpkin Town!

After an unsuccessful attempt to find babysitters for a double date, we decided to spend Friday night all together at Pumpkin Town. It was such a great night for it with it being a little chilly (always makes it feel more like Fall). img_6214Pumpkin patch is really just code for a big cousins photo shoot right!? πŸ˜‰ As we were snapping these pics, I couldn’t help looking at ALL these kids and wondering how this happened. I mean, all of a sudden there are SIX of them, all so beautifully everything to us. They each have their own personality and spark to bring to the family. And, they all love each other like crazy. It’s such a blessing to be able to raise them together.img_6216Em takes her roll as big sister very seriously and loves to be in charge of holding Crosby. It’s been so fun having a new little one to introduce to these special moments (even though he usually sleeps through them all ;)). img_6261Miles, you are a doll baby!img_6255Gosh, I love my people. As much as mom-life can be a drag, nothing is better than their smiling faces. I swear I’d do “poopy duty” forever if it meant always hearing their squeals of excitement and innocent laughter. They’re such a good reminder of what’s important in life. It’s the simplest things that keep a smile painted on their faces and I so admire that quality. img_6217Isn’t October the best? Crisp air, pretty colors, and memories to be made…img_6259img_6220Could they be any cuter? Jonah’s killing it with that super-hero stance! Is that a go-to in anyone else’s house? It feels like every mini-photo-shoot we do has at least a few “super-hero poses” involved.Β  img_6253This blob is always a favorite and I love that my parents are the first ones taking their shoes off to join the kids. #goalsimg_6250img_6249img_6251img_6244Pumpkin Town was great! They really upped their entertainment game again this year. There was a whole bunch of new stuff that the kids couldn’t wait to try. It was a little pricey just to enter but, man, they don’t disappoint with activities. img_6241-1This slide was epic. The kids could have done this all night. I think we may need to engineer one of these in the backyard. img_6323img_6235img_6239-1It was so hard to convince Tuck to give this a try. He gets scared of things like this but usually winds up loving it after he tries it once. We kind of forced him down the first time on my lap and he came out and gave the slide a big punch and a pout lip and exclaimed, “NO! I not like dat!” A couple seconds later, he realized how fun it was and wanted to keep going all night. It seriously melts my heart to see him enjoy something the way he did this slide. He was in heaven!img_6234These swings are awesome! I wish they had an adult version because the kids made it look like a stinkin’ blast! πŸ™‚ img_6233img_6228Once again with these ear-to-ear smiles from Tuck! This was his other favorite for sure. Lots of “Again, again, again! FASTER, FASTER!!” screams! πŸ™‚ img_6232-1img_6227img_6229img_6231Crosby and Miles are little angel babies. They both were just along for the ride and sweet as can be. It got way chillier as the night went on and none of us were prepared for it. Poor Miles spent most the evening wearing a pink fleece. πŸ™‚ img_6324img_6226It was another great memory made at the Pumpkin patch. We’ll probably be back again to soak up all the October we can!img_6215

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