Family Night at the Tulsa State Fair

The fair is back! In my book, this signals the official kick-off of Autumn. This season is my favorite as I’m sure it is for lots of “basic” girls around the world. It means layers and lattes and not sweating all your makeup off the second you walk outside. For this mom, it means some of my very favorite family memories are getting ready to be made: pumpkin carving, homemade costumes, pumpkin patch, nights outside by the fire, and this year we’ve got baby Crosby joining in for all of his “firsts” to make everything even more special.img_5769





Once a year I force Matt into a trip to the fair. There’s people watching, fried food, and now the coolest petting zoo and loads of epic rides for the kids. Last year was way too hot and it wasn’t the most fun lugging sweaty kids through crowds of people to wait in endless lines. I told Matt I wouldn’t make us go again this year but when his family scheduled a trip, I convinced him we should tag along. I’m SO glad we went! This was my favorite night with my family in a long time. First of all, the weather was just perfect. We spent most of the daylight inside the petting zoo and headed out for rides galore as soon as the sun began to set.



Both sets of grandparents joined us for the night and it made me feel so thankful for family. These kids are so blessed to be surrounded by people that love them endlessly. It was nice to have help pushing the stroller,Β  holding baby Crosby, and even riding rides with the kids. Matt’s parents are in the process of moving to Tulsa and I’m so happy the kids will be surrounded by all this love. Somehow all the photos we did remember to take with Grandma and Pops turned out blurry but I’m bound and determined to convert his “non-picture-crazy family” someday. πŸ™‚img_5768




This kid loves his cousin, Georgia. Sometimes I’ll catch him rubbing her back, holding hands, or giving her hugs. His “love” is a little rough but GAH it just melts your heart when they are sweeties to each other. Cousins are the best!img_5875-1

img_5765The fair petting zoo is always incredible. It has deer and kangaroos and the craziest looking little animals that have absolutely no fear of humans. They can even be a little aggressive about taking snacks right out of your hand. This funny little fawn wouldn’t stop biting my mom and I’s chambray tops. We kept trying to get away from her but something must have smelled pretty tasty! πŸ™‚ img_5830








Tuck was so sweet with all the animals and was in complete awe of this little kangaroo in a bag. He told me the kangaroo really wanted to take a nap so he started singing him Twinkle Star. Precious.img_5820


Fried food is a staple at the fair. I’m proud to say I withstood the temptation and didn’t try a single thing. How I made it through all those delicious smells is beyond me but I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking to my clean-eating plan (no bread/sugar until our vacation in November). The kids enjoyed a corn-dog but that’s all for us. I’m pretty sure we saved some serious money by avoiding our usual binge fest.img_5790


The kids were ALL about the rides this year. They’re both tall enough for most of the kiddie ones and were so pumped about trying them all. One thing about going in the evening was that it was so busy! The lines were forever long but they really did seem to go pretty fast. Someone who was leaving the park gifted us the rest of their tickets so we really got to live it up there at the end. Emmy was so cute and told me, “At first I was kinda scared but I really liked it!” They loved waving and yelling for us and I loved seeing the wonder in their faces. I’ll never get over the beauty of seeing things through their eyes. It’s just magical!Β  img_5844


img_5778Β  img_5777Β Β Β Β  img_5780


Sorry, Matt, but it looks like our annual fair tradition continues πŸ˜‰img_5784

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