Mr. Miles: Month NINE

Nine months in, Nine months out. How is it possible that the time is the same?


I would bet money that the time I have held Miles in my arms is far, far, far less than the time I watched him grow in my belly. I continue to be amazed at how fleeting the days are with our sweet baby!

This month Miles has gotten so active! Still not crawling… but FINALLY, rolling tummy to back, back to tummy effortlessly. He scoots himself backwards, spins in a circle and reaches as far as he can for everything. He pulls up if he finds himself near the right set of bars or a good-sized bench. He loves to stand and bounce and “dance” and scream. The best of noises! He loves playing in the kitchen, in and under and around the bar stools. He loves the dishwasher and sliding around on the wood floors. He is getting closer and closer to crawling and less and less satisfied with just sitting contently. The winds of change are blowing strong around here…

He sleeps through the night (12-13hrs) most nights, but wakes up crying periodically. The boy just doesn’t comfort himself, doesn’t CIO, doesn’t comfort nurse, and doesn’t really know what he wants besides his Momma. This month, I’ve found myself awake and pacing the house, walking laps, and bathing him at 2am a few too many times. 🙂 These days will pass though and even the rough nights I’ll want back…that I have recognized. I am doing my absolute BEST to treasure every moment with this baby.

Miles is an eating machine! He LOVES baby food- particularly food packets. He wants to feed himself, hold the pack and enjoy. He eats a ton, nurses 4 times a day and snacks anytime he can. Graham crackers and sweet potatoes are his faves. He weighed 17lbs4oz at his 9month check…. still rocking that 5th percentile. 🙂 The doctor has said we should have no concerns. He is happy, sleeping, eating and growing (slowly).

Miles loves to babble. He’s saying, “Mamamama” pretty often; but, I’m still trying to teach him it is my name. 🙂 He says the sounds- ba, da, and wa frequently too. I think he’s saying “yay!” when he claps his hands and he mimics “I love you” in the most perfect echolalia.


Happy 9th months Mr. Miles!

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