Our Happy Camper is 3 Months Old!

This big boy is growing up so fast! img_5132He is the sweetest addition to our family. I don’t remember enjoying the “newborn phase” as much as I did this time around. The third time around definitely brings a more relaxed parenting style. I didn’t get caught up in the worry the way I have before. I was able to rest and enjoy him, soaking up his tininess while it lasted. He’s grown so much and is coming to life like crazy.

Our favorite thing is talking back and forth with him. He gives us the sweetest little coos and smiles. I can’t wait for the giggles to come. He loves the bathtub and is perfectly content to splash and soak forever. He also looooves kisses, especially on his feet. He thinks its so funny!

He is Emmy and Tuck’s favorite “toy”. They love entertaining their baby brother with singing and dancing. πŸ™‚ Emmy makes up the sweetest little songs for him and is constantly reminding him, “everybody loves you Crosby..” Tucker copies what I say and it cracks me up. He’ll say, “goodnight, sweetheart! I love you baby boy.”

We can’t get enough of this cutie and we’ll keep him forever! πŸ™‚


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