Poopy Pants + Poison Control

I’m sitting here pondering life lately and man has it been a trip. We have been going through transitions galore ever since Crosby was born. I’m so thankful this baby sleeps soundly through the night because all of a sudden our big kids don’t. Emmy’s now sleeping without a pull-up so she gets up about ten times to use the bathroom before finally falling asleep at 11 pm (eye roll). Tucker is now potty-trained and in a big boy bed and that has been quite an adventure (prayers appreciated).

The other night I heard some talking in the middle of the night (2:45 am) and opened my door to find Tuck standing there with a giant foam sword in hand talking to Emmy. My jaw hit the floor as I tried to understand what the heck was going on. Emmy explained that this was the third time Tucker had woken her up to play. OMG! We put him to bed and warned him not to get up again (he did). I have a massive bruise on my shin from stumbling back to bed in the dark and I’ve cleaned up so much poopy you wouldn’t believe.

He’s done so well with the whole potty thing except for when it comes to #2s. He’s gone on the toilet a handful of times since we potty-trained him. But for the most part he keeps going in his pull-ups after nap or in the morning before coming out of his room. It’s so frustrating and we’ve tried so many incentives. We currently have a pair of Dinotrux at home on our fireplace mantel. He gets to play with them as soon as he poops on the toilet. We’ve had all the conversations to be had on the topic and explained things a hundred different ways and he still just surprises me with another poopy accident. UGH! Seriously, I’m so open to ideas if anyone has any for me!

Matt went on a birthday trip for his brother and left me with these three for four days. It’s honestly gone pretty smoothly until I found Tucker chowing down on a bottle of melatonin tablets this morning. AHHHH!!! All he could tell me was that he ate a lot of them (and that they tasted good). I promptly panicked and dumped out the bottle to count out how many were left and try to guess how many we’d used already. I figured out he’d had 11 tablets at most! Oh my WORD! I called poision control and they assured me he’d be sleepy but fine. THIS KID! He spent the rest of the morning like a little drunk man falling apart over everything, rubbing his eyes, and staggering around.

As frustrating as all this potty training, parenting, and poison controlling is, I’m so grateful I’m their mama. I was rocking Crosby tonight and just started talking to Jesus about him. I felt my eyes well up as I thanked the Lord for his life and for entrusting me as his mother. This role is such a responsibility and honor. I never want to take it for granted. I love being mom to these three and want to treasure this stage, poopy accidents and all. πŸ™‚



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