You’re off to great places!

You’re off to great places, today is your day, you’re mountain is waiting, so get on your way!            -Dr. Suess


A new school year is upon us and these two were more than excited! Norah started 1st Grade in mid-August and Jonah had his first day of Pre-K today. We are so thankful for their sweet school and all the beautiful families we get to do life with!


This is the first year that Norah will go to school FIVE days a week. This is a huge adjustment for our family and we feel so grateful for the time we have had with her! Norah couldn’t be more excited about seeing her friends “almost everyday!”

We were so thankful that Mimi and Pops could come see her off! Gram was out of town for Norah’s first day, but she bought Norah’s doll a matching school uniform. Norah dressed “Cora” and posed with her doll all morning.




Her own desk :), old friends, new friends and a dream teacher. We love Mrs. Lewis!img_6576

After school, we celebrated the epic day by visiting the Butterfly Exhibit at the mall. All three kiddos LOVED it!

And… then, after 2.5 weeks of waiting… it was JONAH’s turn. He asked every day how many more days he had to wait and last night, when I said, “Zero! It’s tomorrow!”, he shrieked, “I hope I can even sleep tonight! I’m prettttty excited!”


We have the sweetest friends- they have walked through valleys with us and seen us through the greatest joys. This morning, they showed up with donuts and encouragement and giggles. All to celebrate our amazing Jonah-man! I am so thankful for the Rivs!


Jonah had zero hesitation about his first day. He walked past the receptionist and said, “Hi Mrs. Hjelm!” and in his classroom he marveled over all the brand new school supplies that were just for him. Before class started, he made sure to say hi to his sweet friend and say, “Your bow looks beautiful today!”

Jonah’s teacher, Mrs. Lincecum, is pure joy! She is kind and patient and loving beyond words. We couldn’t ask for a better teacher to introduce Jonah to school.


We’re ready for you 1st Grade and Pre-K!

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