Watch Out Pre-K… Here Come Emmy and Tuck!

img_4544-1 And so it begins…My sweet 4 year old doll baby heads off for another year of Pre-K! She bounced out of bed this morning and could hardly wait to strap on her Lion Guard backpack and join her class!img_4536-2And this rascal is SO pumped about being a big boy and getting to be dropped off with sissy. He kept telling me, “and Mommy’s going to leave and Daddy’s going to leave and Crosby will go home and I will stay with sissy!” πŸ™‚img_4534-1I have to say I’m actually pretty excited too. As a kid I always LOVED school. I could hardly wait to be old enough to ride the bus with my big sis. I was in love with my teachers and studied their every move. I am thrilled my kids get to experience the same. Summer has been a blast but I think we’re all craving a little more structure in our week. They’re both going to grow up so much this year, which is pretty bittersweet. img_4540-1Tucker has never been to MDO or school of any kind so this is a whole new world for him. I think it’s going to be a big growth experience for him getting to make his own friends and learn to follow instructions. He’s most excited about rest time on his new Spiderman napmat. haha!img_4539-1The kids will be going two days a week this year which will give me some days alone with baby Crosby. I’m looking forward to spending that quality time with him as he’ll change so much in this first year. It’ll be nice to slow down to bond with him and also get those errands done that make buckling and unbuckling three kiddos not worth it.

One of my favorite parts of school days are our car rides together. I always pray over the kids and talk with them about having eyes for people that need God’s love. I love to hear them confess God’s word over themselves. This morning Emmy wanted to lead Tuck in some good things to say and it was pretty much the sweetest thing I’ve heard, “Tucker, say: God is with me. Say : Today’s a good day!” πŸ™‚ It definitely gets everyone’s day started off right!

^^ Front door photo-shoot is totally necessary on the first day of school! Looking forward to hanging masterpieces on the fridge and hearing their favorite songs from music class. πŸ™‚

Outfit details for those who’ve asked..

Plaid Dress- Forever21, Kitty-Cat High-Tops- Old Navy, Tuck’s T- Next Direct, Jeans- H&M, Burgundy Sneakers- Target πŸ™‚


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