Bring on the Super Hero Underpants


We finally got Tuck in underpants.

I am learning these milestones go a whole lot smoother when the kids are ready for them. Remember that post I did about finally getting Emmy to sleep through the night without a pull-up after months of waking up to bring her to the potty. I spoke too soon. Ha! We ended up giving up and going back to pull-ups out of pure exhaustion. Well a month or two later she started waking up with dry pull-ups every morning. It was something she did all on her own when she was ready to. I kind of wish we never wasted waking her up and would have let her figure it out in her time.

Because potty training is my least favorite part of parenthood (except for sick babies- that’s the ultimate worst) I was not wanting to do it with Tuck until he pretty much begged me. haha! Then it dawned on me that he’s starting pre-school in mid-September and should probably not show up in a diaper. So, we picked last weekend to do our bathroom bootcamp. It is probably the least fun couple days of the year but it works. I’d rather do that than draw it out for weeks and months of training. We used this book again but didn’t follow it as closely as I did with Em. Matt and I took shifts this time to give each other a break from spending hours on the bathroom floor “listening for tinkles”. I seriously feel like it’s all about letting them have a couple accidents on the wood floor before it “clicks” and they get it. Tuck’s doing better than Emmy ever did mostly because he’s older and has a better understanding of what’s going on. He also waits longer between potty breaks and can hold his bladder better. He loves potty treats and is so proud of himself!

We got our first epic #2 in the toilet yesterday! He hasn’t had an accident since day 2 of potty training and is telling us when he has to go all on his own. Our next hurdle is going to be getting him to sit on the big potty and quit being scared of falling in. Right now he’s going in a little Elmo potty and I definitely don’t want to be cleaning poopy out of that so we’ve got to conquer this fear.

If you’re wondering if your child is “ready” for this life change, this book gives a helpful checklist of ways to know:

  • Does my child urinate a good deal at one time rather than dribbling throughout the day?
  • Does he often stay dry for several hours? (Emmy never did and I think that made it a little trickier)
  • Does he have enough finger and hand coordination to pick up objects easily?
  • Does he walk from room to room easily?
  • Can he do the following ten actions: touch his nose, eyes, mouth, hair, sit down on a chair, stand up, walk to a particular place, imitate you playing patty-cake, bring you a familiar object, put a familiar object with another?

If they’re 20 months old, they can probably do all these things and are ready. My personal advice is to enjoy the ease of diapers and wait as long as possible. πŸ™‚ Changing diapers on your own terms is kind of easy when you compare it to rushing to a public potty with someone who gave you about 5 seconds warning before going.


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