Life’s a Beach with This Babe…

img_3595Oh my goodness, I love this boy. He is pure sweetness.

Life with three has beenย surprisingly great! I prepared myself for a whole lot of chaos and nonstop busyness so may be this is just less than I expected. I feel like having him has caused us to slow down more and enjoy just being home with each other.

The kids have been super understanding of my time nursing Crosby. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pull it off this time with so many little people needing my attention but it’s really worked out. They’re old enough to get the concept of having to wait and be patient. Emmy is a huge helper and can get most things on her own or help Tuck with what he wants.

Crosby is pretty content most of the day with his fussy times usually coming around nighttime. He seems extra hungry in the evenings so we’ve supplemented with formula a few times. I love that he is willing to take a bottle in case we question if he’s still hungry or want to let someone else feed him. I’ve never been “good” at breastfeeding in the past. With Emmy it was the root of some postpartum issues and she was just never satisfied until we switched to bottles. With Tucker, I tried not to put any pressure on myself since I didn’t want to go back down the “baby blues” path and I knew the formula worked really well with Emmy. I switched after a couple weeks and was glad I did. With this being most likely our last baby, I was hopeful for a longer and better experience breastfeeding. I’d never experienced that “bonding aspect” that mothers rave about. This time I’m actually finding myself enjoying it and feeling happy about it. Crosby is already WAY faster than my other kids ever were. It usually takes me about 30 minutes give or take a few to nurse him. My other kiddos always nursed for a full hour and it wore me out! I think the secret to my success so far has been not stressing out about it. I used to get so concerned about my milk supply, and pumping, and how much did they get, and am I full or not, etc… This time I don’t let any of that bother me. I take it day by day and if he still seems hungry we can always do a bottle. I’ve just completely taken the pressure off and it’s working. He’s growing and happy and that’s all that matters. I’m not sure how long I’ll end up nursing but I feel proud of myself for making it this far!

My only hang-up is the weight loss. I know LOTS of women who say nursing made them shrink and I can’t tell you how much I wish that was the case for me. So far Angie and I just didn’t get those genes. We both feel like we get the opposite effect of just being hormonal and hanging onto baby weight no matter what we do. I’m trying to stay positive and continue to eat healthy and work out and just wait it all out. It’s so disheartening to see the same number on that scale morning after morning when all I want is to get back to zipping up jeans and put these maternity pants away for good! Patience. Angie’s been a great encouragement during this time, reminding that I’ll wish for these days back and to be patient with my body and myself. If I’ve learned anything in motherhood it’s that it all goes by so fast so I know she’s right!

As far as sleep goes, this kid is a rockstar! He is now sleeping about 9 1/2 hours straight at night. He usually does something like 10pm- 7:30am. We haven’t really done Babywise this time even though it worked wonderfully for our other kiddos. We stopped waking him to eat during the night around 2 weeks old and by 4 weeks he was doing 5 hours and just kept stretching it longer and longer all on his own. This last week I’ve started noticing he’s already doing the eat, wake, sleep cycle for the most part. He naps in between each feeding and sometimes skips his nap the last time before bedtime. I never take note of how long his naps are or tried to feed him at the exact same times. I used to be very scheduled but I think it’s just a third kid thing where he rolls with the punches and we have too. I’d be back on the Babywise train in a heartbeat if he wasn’t sleeping at night though! I’m a big believer in healthy sleep for baby AND mama.

We’ve been loving seeing more and more smiles and coos lately. He’s usually his happiest in the mornings. I’m SO excited that he’s interacting more and know it only gets better and more heart-melting from here. Every little smirk makes us all fall more in love with him. I think I kiss him about 1,000 times a day. I just love his soft baby cheeks and fuzzy little head. He is precious!

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