Mr Miles: Month EIGHT

Eight is sure to be great! 🙂


This month has been the season of eating. Miles loves pureed baby food, not the kind Mom makes, just the good ‘ole store bought Plum pouches.  He loves all the flavors, but is especially fond of sweet potatoes. We keep trying to introduce finger foods, slices of fruits/veggies, chunks of banana, etc, but Miles just gags or stares at his food-filled hand. Someday, he’ll catch on… but for now, we just keep trying.

Miles sleep patterns this month have been pretty spotty. We’ve never had a schedule, but he has been an amazing sleeper since the first early weeks. He took me by huge surprise, when he decided this was the season to wake and nurse in the middle of the night. Seeing as this is our last baby, I’ve taken the lack of sleep with much less frustration than I would have in the past. Many nights, the quite cuddles and coos remind how grateful I am for God’s goodness. This boy truly is the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Babbling, babbling, babbling.      

Hearing sweet “words” come out of this little one’s mouth gets me giddy about the funny sayings, baby talk conversations and cuteness that is so near. Miles loves to say, “bababa” or “wah wah ba da”.


Miles also loves touching faces. He giggles at wiggly tongues and twitching noses. His favorite faces to grab are his brother’s and sister’s. Every morning, they get on the floor with him and he reaches for their cheeks, almost in an effort to pull them in and hug them. It is priceless. Little hands with so much to discover.

He still isn’t on the go or even pulling up, his bottom is where he is most content. He reaches for toys, but doesn’t care to put much effort into anything that is beyond his reach. He recently started to notice the intrigue of the iPhone…maybe this month will bring us more excitement in this movement arena?

We do seem to be in the beginning of a growth stage. Our little guy (only 16lbs 4oz) is trying to transition to two naps, he’s far more aware of his surroundings and he has reached the age of wanting Mommy. If I’m near, if he hears my voice, if he hears his brother or sister call for “Moooommmmy!”… than he wants me. His whiny half cry is a sure sign that only Mommy can fix his frustrations. 🙂 Not going to lie, I kinda like it.

I am beyond thankful for this happy, go-with the flow little man. He still falls asleep in the car, on a boat or in his Daddy’s arms. He can do with a 10min or 100min nap- whatever that day’s activities allow. He LOVES his siblings, loves to be outside and loves the bath.

Every stage with Miles is treasured. I am so grateful!


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