Prepping for Preschool

This year we’ll have TWO kiddos in preschool. How crazy is that!? I am honestly so excited about school starting. I don’t know if that makes me a “bad mom” but I really am ready for it. Emmy LOVED school last year and it brought some needed structure to our week. It gave me some alone time with Tuck and a break from refereeing them. She learned so much and always came home with the coolest projects and songs. She bounced out of bed on school days and was sad to say goodbye at the end. This year Emmy and Tuck will both be going a couple days a week. I plan on using these days to run my errands, hit the gym, and get in some quality alone time with baby Crosby.

In honor of the countdown til Summer’s end, I’ve rounded up some of my back to school favorites for the kids…

  1. Thermos Funtainer Water Bottles– These are annoyingly expensive but so worth it. They’re the only ones that actually keep water cold and are leak-proof.
  2. Sectioned Tupperware– You can buy an 8 pack on Amazon and make your life a lot easier. We use ours all the time! Avoid all the ziplock bags and leaky fruit with these handy gems.
  3. Playground Worthy Shoes– So I don’t like to compromise style for functionality. It’s an issue in all areas of my life. Ha! But, I think Natives and Converse accomplish both goals. They both look great with anything and can be easily cleaned up after a recess run.
  4. School Clothes– May be this is a whole other post but if you’re looking for something different, check out Next Direct. They have some great options for boys and all the things that come in three or five packs are amazing. Great quality clothes at pretty affordable prices. Forever 21 has kids clothes now too! They start at 5T and so far I’m loving some of their girl pieces.
  5. Backpacks and Nap Mats– When it comes to these I let the kids pick out whatever they want. I don’t love any character clothes and if we get them they’re usually reserved as jammies. So, the kids had a blast picking out Paw Patrol, Lion Guard, and Spiderman swag for their year. I just figure it gets them excited about school so why not!? πŸ™‚ We picked up these essentials at Target and Amazon this year. school essentials

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