Party Animals Slip N’ Slide Bash

img_3344I wasn’t sure we’d end up having a big birthday bash for Tuck this year with Crosby being so little. I went back and forth on what to do for him until Matt had this grand idea for a giant slip n’ slide down our back hill. I welcomed the idea of him taking on the entertainment portion of a party and I am SO glad he did! πŸ™‚ He ordered a 50 ft slide off Amazon and made his own sprinkler system from PVC pipes. He ordered a slingshot and loads of water balloons. He went ALL out and the kids had a blast!

img_3335I did a little bit of a party animals theme and just went nuts with colors. I wanted it to be everything Tuck would love and light up seeing. His only request was green cupcakes so we asked Jess (Lauranne Cupcakes) to make it happen. They were perfect! I hot glued some party hats on these dollar animal toys from Walmart. The kids played with these things for an entire day- I swear it’s the cheapest toys that they love the most. It doesn’t take much!

I ordered a bunch of these colorful honeycomb balls and attached tissue tassels using hot glue and fishing wire. It added some pops of color to the backyard and really made it feel like a celebration. img_3337

This photo booth was so much fun to dream up. I found these animal photos on google, changed them to black and white, and had them made into engineer prints at Staples. Matt built this awesome PVC photo-booth base and wrapped it in a painter’s drop cloth to make it a little more sturdy against the wind. I’m excited that I now have a base I can reuse over and over again for future backdrops. I taped the engineer prints together with a cute pic of Tuck in the middle and gave everyone party hats made of decorative paper and tissue tassels.

img_3240After working on this huge backdrop all day long, Tucker found some of my burgundy lipstick and colored all over it. Cue the tears. Ah motherhood… I did my best to cover what I could with white out but decided to just see it as him adding his personal touch to his party.img_3353


The backyard is definitely my favorite part of our house so it brings me so much joy when it’s being used and enjoyed. The kids were having a blast exploring the wooded hill, swinging on our giant web swing, running wild, and sliding over and over again. Makes my heart sing to make memories like these out back. img_3357

Dads rule! It was just precious to see the dads get out there to make this slide even more fun for their kiddos. Lots of spinning and throwing and speed racing. The best part was when Matt came flying down way too fast, and landed on the flagstone, nearly soaking one of the mamas. haha!img_3364


I think Tucker had about 4 of these cupcakes by the end of the party. He just kept sneaking them or stealing bites of other people’s. This boy looooves treats! πŸ™‚img_3361



img_3343Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate sweet Tuck. He had the best day and was on cloud 9 having fun with y’all! It was such a great day we’ll remember forever. Lots of giggles, squeals, and happy faces. Now I think we need to plan an adults slip n’ slide party! πŸ™‚

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