Mr. Miles: Month SEVEN


Content. This seems to be this boy’s life.

He’s easy to please, go-with-the-flow, happy in the midst of a non-scheduled life. He smiles, coos, and happy screams. Yet, as we’ve entered a more aware stage, his giggles and overdone smiles seem to be less. He’s more content with just being. He cries very little and shocks me with his few “demands.” He’s happy sleeping in the stroller in the heat or in his cozy bed at home. He’s already up for embarking on any adventure life brings his way. 🙂

This month we’ve introduced food! Hip hip hooray! He loves baby food, gags at finger food and always wants a drink of water. Though his acorn-filled cheeks may trick you into thinking he’s a chunky little man, he weighed in at only 15lbs during our last doctor visit. This makes him our smallest (and happiest) baby. He’s rocking that 5th percentile on the growth charts. 🙂

His favorite food so far: sweet potatoes

His least favorite food so far: bananas

Miles loves to touch faces. Cooing and pulling you into him. Daddy’s beard is his favorite. Every once in a while, he’ll lean toward you with an open mouth…the beginning stages of “baby kisses”.

He’s starting singing his babbles . It’s pretty wonderful “agahhaaaa bphagahhhhh….”

This post is a little late since we’re at the beach for Grandpa Juarez’s funeral. It’s been a week of many emotions, but this boy is joy and life in the midst of sadness. Traveling to Texas brought many firsts for this little boy- his first plane ride, first toes in the sand, first pack and play! He did great on the plane and LOVED the beach. Rubbing his hands and toes in the sand over and over. Even the pack and play hasn’t phased his awesome sleep habits.

Miles loves to sit up, hates tummy time and shows zero progression towards crawling. 😊 He bares weight under his legs but really is just content to watch and smile at the world around him. Between Norah, Mommy and Daddy, he’s carried any where he could want to go!

The biggest news of the month- Miles met his future BFF! Crosby King Smith made his grand entrance to the world. Hip-hip-hooray!


Miles loves daddy’s crazy spider-hand and the tickles. It is one of the only things that he erupts in laughter over. We all try to mimic Daddy’s tricks, but daddy just has the magic touch!

The 4th of July is our favorite holiday at our house and we were overjoyed that Miles loved it too! He smiled in the stroller through our neighborhood bike parade and watched the Bixby Freedom Celebration in total awe! U-S-A

We love you, sweet Miles-man.

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