Tulsa Summer Bucket List

We’re more than half-way through summer and if you’re getting tired of the same ole’ summer days (yeah-right, summer days are the best!) here are 10 Tulsa area attractions that you need to check out before school alarm clocks start dinging.

  1. Admiral Twin Drive-In: bring your pick-up or even just some lawn chairs. If the kids nap late, you may even be able to enjoy a double feature!
  2. Neinhous Water Park: water slides and play-areas for kids 12m-adult. A great alternative to another day at the neighborhood pool. We love it!Β 
  3. Safari Joe’s H2O: new ownership has really improved the water park we all knew as Big Splash. Even the little kids can enjoy the big slides!
  4. Bartlesville Kiddie Park: an old fashioned summer evening adventure. Great for ages 2-7. Little fair rides for only 50cents a piece keep the kids smiling from ear to ear.
  5. River Country Water Park: 45min from Tulsa, this is another great water park with a huge water playground for kids 2-6(ish) and water slides/lazy river for the older kids.
  6. Philbrook Second Saturday: technically this event is offered every month, but it is too beautiful to miss the gardens in the summer. Make a point to enjoy this Tulsa beauty!
  7. Bentley Park: a large Bixby park and splash pad. There is actually some shade too!
  8. Driller’s Game: a night out on the lawn with friends feels like everything summer should feel! They have a splash pad, playground and yummy treats too!
  9. Cherry Street Farmers Market: treats, wild flowers, slow Saturday mornings. Yes, please!
  10. JOSH’S SNO SHACK: with 8 Tulsa area locations, nothing says “summer” more than cold shaved ice!

Happy Summer!

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