Sibling Love

Gang’s all here! img_1342-1I’m so happy we were able to capture these photos of the kids. I wish you could see video of Matt and I behind the camera. I had my heart set on getting these taken before Crosby got any older. The natural light was about to go down, naps had just wrapped up, and I’d finished nursing just in time for a twenty minute “click-click and done”. Matt was hangry, Tuck wasn’t feeling cooperative, and Emmy just wanted to hold Crosby already! I quickly tried to curl Emmy’s hair and totally burned my arm in my rush. So, I’m snapping between holding ice packs down on my growing welt. Matt’s offering m&m’s to Tuck for smiles and the color coating is staining everything he touches. Ayayay… BUT these snapshots are totally worth forcing my family into. πŸ˜‰ I love them and will treasure them forever. img_1306-1Tucker does not stay still for long so I got way more shots of my little mommy in heaven holding “her baby”. Tuck is warming up to his baby bro more and more every day. He loves giving him a pacifier when he cries and petting his soft hair. Em loves singing and reading to Crosby. She has been such a big helper this time around!Β  img_1312img_1331-1 img_1313img_1643Β  I’m so thankful for all the attention and love this little one is getting. I remember worrying about how much attention Tucker got as the baby. I always felt torn by having two kids to love and take care of. This time it feels like Crosby hardly ever gets alone time between the four of us. Someone always wants to hold him or talk to him! img_1319img_1363-1img_1325 img_1328-1 img_1310 img_1314-1img_1364-1My beautiful girl! She’s been such a trooper through this whole season. I keep asking how she’s doing, checking up on how she’s taking this major life change. She always tells me, “Oh, I just love Crosby. He’s the cutest baby in the whole world!” Heart-melter!img_1317Being the middle child is a huge change for Tucker and we’ve tried to be sensitive to that. I’m doing the best I can to make special time where he feels like he has my full attention. I can’t wait to watch him and Crosby grow into the best of friends, brothers forever.img_1329-1img_1333-1img_1353-1img_1338-2img_1359-1I’m so thankful for this crew and all the joy they bring into our home. The laughter and love far outweighs these sleepless nights and growing pains! We love you Crosby and are so glad you joined our family!

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