Mommy Essentials for the Newborn Phase

I mentioned last post how we’re kind of in survival mode over here. I expected it would be this way for about the first six weeks. I want to share a few of the things getting me through this short season where a great day consists of simply keeping everyone alive. πŸ™‚

  1. Mother’s Love Nipple Cream– I love this stuff! It’s saved me from a lot of pain and suffering this go around. It’s all natural and so soothing. I use it faithfully to avoid getting sore.
  2. Text Twist/ Snapchat/ Breastfeeding App- I have to use these apps during nighttime nursing sessions to stay awake. Text twist is a word game that keeps my brain going when all I want to do is sleep.
  3. Baggy and long T’s- I found a couple in the plus size section at Target. They cover my rear and are super cozy for lounging around the house in. They’re great for this in between phase where I’m not wanting to wear maternity but still not fitting in my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.
  4. Rock N’ Play– A friend is letting us borrow hers and we love it! This is what we have him sleeping in rather than a bassinet. I can pull it right up to my bedside and easily grab him to nurse throughout the night. It keeps them elevated which is nice for reflux. It’s also super light weight so we move it all around the house and bring it with us to my mom’s for his naps over there.
  5. Milk Snob Nursing Cover- life saver! I love that it covers your back as well as your front and makes you feel totally private. It’s also super light and soft. I’ve already used it way more than any cover I’ve ever had. It’s also a great car seat cover- super stretchy and easy to maneuver.
  6. JuJuBee Backpack Diaper Bag– Backpack diaper bags are just the way to go! This one has so many great compartments and zips. I love that it’s shaped just like a real backpack with comfy padded straps to help it stay in place and not slip and slide off while you’re using your hands to help the kids.
  7. Energy Balls– agh! These are essential! They’ve been my breakfast and midnight snack every day. They have good protein for a hungry new mama and are the perfect quick and healthy grab!
  8. Fresh Fruit- Matt’s kept our fridge stocked with fresh washed and cut fruit for the last couple weeks and it’s been amazing. I love being able to reach for a handful of watermelon or blueberries. I’m trying to eat clean now but have zero time to think about cooking a meal so healthy and ready to go snacks are key.
  9. Iced Coffee– Really any coffee!! I’ve been obsessed with drinking iced coffees throughout the afternoons to give me an energy boost. They sell these big 40 oz jugs of Starbucks vanilla latte at the grocery store and they’re only $5. I think they’re incredibly sweet so I usually mix leftover coffee from the morning with a shot of the vanilla latte for the perfect mix. It makes it last super long too!
  10. Spotify Worship Playlist- I’ve been craving this everyday. Playing worship music throughout the house just sets the mood even when things have been chaotic or feel overwhelming. It immediately makes our home feel more peaceful and reminds me to focus on the Lord and cast my cares on Him.
  11. Walmart Grocery Pick-Up– I started using this service toward the end of my pregnancy and it’s amazing! I have no clue why I didn’t discover this sooner. You order your groceries online and choose a pick-up time. They call when it’s ready and you drive there, park, and wait while they load up your trunk for you. A-MAZING!
  12. Help from family- Agh! Where would I be without them!? My MIL has been coming over every single morning and getting my big kids up and going. She feeds them breakfast and watches them until I finish sleeping and nursing and am ready to start the day. My family’s been helping out wherever they can as well and I’m so thankful!img_1144

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