Sleepless Nights and Newborn Snuggles

img_1117Oh, how we love this angel boy.img_1122The newborn phase always feels like survival mode. I’m thankful I came into it prepared this time around. I’ve been able to relax and enjoy this part so much more, knowing it doesn’t last long. These sleepless nights and zombie-like days aren’t here to stay. I’ve been able to avoid any emotional meltdowns so far by telling myself to give it 6 weeks before I even start thinking about our “new normal”. We’re typically very on the go and get out of the house for an adventure almost daily so this being stuck at home is a change of pace for us. img_1120So far, so good. I don’t want to jinx it but he’s probably our easiest baby yet (PTL). He is pretty much snoozing his life away for now. Until two nights ago, he was going right back to sleep between nursing sessions like a champ. We’ve had a couple rough nights in a row where he was just wide awake and I was so not. img_1133img_1118I have to credit any sleep I’ve gotten to both grandmas and my sister! They’ve been an incredible help to me during this time. I have no idea how I’d be doing it with my big kids and Matt back to work now (and in a busy season). My MIL has been coming over every morning to wake up with my bigs and get them fed and going for the day while I sleep in and nurse Crosby. My sister has taken Emmy for playdates with her “best friend”, Jonah. My mom’s been cleaning my house, even scrubbing my bathroom top to bottom (bless her). She also had my big kids for three nights while we were in the hospital and I’m just so grateful for her help. It takes a village! I’ve yet to really be on my own with all three and I have to say I’m pretty nervous about it, especially the thought of leaving the house with them. These are the things I try not to think too much about for the first 6 weeks. I’m way to0 hormonal to be processing all that right now. ha!img_1135I’ve been feeling pretty good as far as my recovery goes. I’m off all my pain medicine besides the occasional ibuprofen for back pain (grr). I definitely get ahead of myself with wanting to be back to normal. I can’t stand wearing any of my maternity clothes. It’s going to be a celebration when I can actually button a pair of jeans someday in the near future. For now I’m living in leggings and the same plus size Target t-shirt every single day. I’ve finally put an end to all the carbs and sugar I’ve become accustomed to. No more queso for this girl (wawa). I’m trying to eat clean while still consuming plenty of calories for nursing. img_1123The kids love their new baby brother, especially Emmy (no surprise there). Em is my right hand woman and Crosby’s second mother. She begs to hold him constantly and is completely content caressing his hair or rubbing his cheeks. She often sings to him her own made up songs about how cute he is and how he’s the best baby in the world. It’s pretty heart-melting. It’s not often Tucker shows him attention so when he does I’m always so touched. He runs upstairs to find his pacifier anytime Crosby’s crying and tries to give it to him. The other day he brought me one and said, “Here you doe! Div this to him and so he not eat you!” haha! Makes sense…img_1142 Matt has been asking me everyday if I’ve taken any photos of Crosby on my Canon. I’m not normally one who needs to be reminded to take more photos. haha! With his encouragement, I finally took some blankets outside and did a little make shift shoot for his “newborn photos”. I was so impressed with how mold-able he was in the heat outside. I tried and tried to capture that “head resting in hands” photo that is too cute for words but little man just kept toppling over. img_1136I want to do another little photo session with all three kids soon. The idea of having all of them dressed and cooperating at the same time seems a little far fetched but a mom can dream! I do love how this little DIY photo shoot turned out. He looks and is just so sweet! img_1134 img_1132img_1137 img_1130 img_1127We love you, Crosby. So glad you joined the party! 🙂

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