A big girl birthday celebration…

Last month, our Norah-girl woke up another year older. She crossed over to big-girl numbers and clothing sizes… and next year she’ll be in grade school. SIX is epically big for both me and for her.


On the morning of her birthday, Mimi and Pops came over with donuts. We sipped coffee, sang to our sweet girl and opened presents. Norah was so happy to have the attention all on her!


Mimi got Norah a beautiful butterfly adult coloring book. She just LOVED it (and has been color incessantly ever since). Jonah picked out a wind flower at the dollar store and proudly showed her his find. And then, there was Daddy’s present, the most treasured gift of all. A personalized, custom long board. Norah was just thrilled! (If you’re interested in more information about Architect boards, I can give you contact info :).)

We spent the morning playing outside and cruising the neighborhood. Norah LOVES boarding- I am just amazed at the stability and confidence she has!

Later in the afternoon, we packed the fam up for the second half of a six-year-old dream day and headed to Saddleback Equestrian. A friend recommended this place and it couldn’t have been more perfect for Norah! They did a 1hr Private Lesson, teaching her to groom, saddle, mount, and steer their littlest pony, Bella. At first, Norah was disappointed to see how small Bella was in comparison to “Mac and Cheese” and “Charlie Cheesecake,”the larger horses. However, when she mounted Bella, she looked at me and said with wide eyes, “This pony really is a LOT bigger than you would think!”


The instructor was very kind and patient. She let Norah pick out the saddle blanket, taught her to brush the mane the right way and even how to address the pony. Bella was very patient and calm. The whole time, our sweet girl was in heaven.

Norah asked the instructor question after question. We were so proud of how she was really taking it all in. She asked good questions and nodded her head as the instructor answered. She looked over at me and whispered, “I have to know all this stuff to be a good animal rescuer…”

Meanwhile… Jonah asked 5,000 times when he could give the horses carrots. “Why is this taking soooo long??”


After grooming and saddling Bella, Norah and the instructor guided Bella to the riding ring. As Norah mounted the horse for the first time, her eyes lit up and she smiled with enthusiasm. We watched from outside the ring, knowing that our little animal adventurer was living a birthday dream.

Round and round the ring they went. Left, right, “woahhh!…. the whole time we could hear giggles, giggles, giggles.

After our time was over with Bella, Norah and Jonah fed carrots to all the horses. Everyone was so kind, telling us about their horses with funny names and showing the kids how to introduce a snack to their horse.

We left the barn, hungry and happy. It was Norah’s choice where we spend her birthday dinner, and what did she choose?? CHICK FIL A!  Of course. 🙂 All I could do was laugh at the confidence in which she said, “No, I don’t want you to tell me other options. I just want to go to CFA. It’s my favorite!”img_4041

We stopped at Cherry Berry for birthday dessert after dinner. Birthday cake ice cream, sprinkles, gummy bears, M&M’s… it was a birthday sugar-high. Gram and Pa met us to celebrate the our super special SIX-year-old!img_4043

We can’t believe it was six years ago that we first laid eyes on our beautiful little baby girl. We are so thankful Jesus gave us her to love and cherish. She amazes us with her passion and loving heart. She is beauty and she is light.img_4042


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