Mr. Miles: Month SIX

My sweetheart. This boy. Mr Miles man.


This month has been fun! We’ve taken in our share of summer activities- Miles has been to the park 101 times, slept in the stroller next to the splash pad, dipped in the pool, visited the zoo, sat through swim lessons, watched us eat too many sno cones and been taken everywhere with us. He is an on-the-go pro. 🙂

This month he has learned some new tricks. He loves to take his paci out of his mouth while he lays in bed and shake it back and forth. He screams in delight when he wakes up from a nap, or when his big sister walks by him. He rolls around in his crib, turning himself vertical and horizontal throughout the night. He blows bubbles and buzzes his lips, he smiles anytime someone smiles at him, he cackles when you lift him high in the air. He still falls asleep in Daddy’s arms.

Though he doesn’t cry often, he doesn’t have an extended amount of patience when he’s hungry! We are excited to start giving him some food to play with this next month. 🙂

Miles is now sitting up! He can maintain the position for a couple minutes, but isn’t super steady yet. This milestone is a huge reminder to me of all the fun that is to come!

We’re still on a three nap “schedule,” but Mr. Miles has definitely expanded his awake time between naps.  Recently, he’s been staying awake 2-3hrs at a time. He sleeps with a paci and a blankie cuddled close to his face (all three of my kids did this).

Everyday we fall more in love with this sweet boy! He is our gift from God.


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