Swim Diaper Disaster

So, this week I added to my collection of totally embarrassing momlife moments with a chart topper. I’ve had all the usual ones like: my kid throwing a massive tantrum in the middle of a bustling grocery store, explosive diaper up the arm as you reach to take them out of their car seat, inappropriate questions about strangers within earshot, and so on. However, this one has to take the cake. I was completely humbled by a swim diaper disaster while on a play-date last week. Here’s how it all happened…

I’ve been dreaming of all the fun we had last year at Nienhuis Aquatic Center last summer. We discovered this place towards the end of summer and it was just perfect for our little ones. They have one giant pool with big kid slides, one baby area with a boat and umbrella fountain, and one kiddie area with lots of slides, sprayers, and shallow waters. It was endless entertainment without fear of drowning. I convinced several mom friends that we just had to go do this together. I wanted to check this off our summer bucket list and experience it with my big kids before having a baby and being stuck at home for a while.

We showed up about 15 minutes after opening and were read the rules about no refunds for any reason, payed our bill, and headed straight for the fenced in kiddie area. I changed Tucker into his swim diaper and suit and said, “go crazy”! The place started to fill up quickly with families enjoying their day of summer fun. All was well until Chelsea notified me that Tuck had gone poopy. Knowing he was in a swim diaper I casually walked over to lift him out and change him on a towel in the shade. Well, apparently the poopy was actually a bout of diarrhea that didn’t quite stay where it was supposed to. Some of my girlfriends noticed a little cloud escape his swim diaper and quickly disappear into the chlorinated waters. yuck. One of them let a lifeguard know, as I proceeded to change my guy. It was up his back, on his suit, on the towels- just a disaster. As my 38 week pregnant self sweated through the worst diaper change in history, I overheard whispers of possibly needing to ask everyone to leave that area. Oh my gosh- embarrassing!

We filed out of the kiddie pool area and headed into the “baby area” while I ran to the restroom to rinse out Tuck’s swimsuit. On my way back, I see lifeguards approaching everyone lying around the big pool, explaining that their shutting the place down because of an “incident”. Insert jaw on the floor emoji here! Cue the whispers and questions from angry patrons who had literally JUST paid to enter the pool and enjoy the day with their kiddos. I could not believe it was ME and MY faulty swim diaper causing this ruckus. Lord, help me and PLEASE don’t let anyone else realize I’m the responsible mom! hahaimg_9568

I headed back to my chuckling friends who tried to console me and make me feel like less of a train wreck. Thank goodness for those who make you laugh at this kind of stuff that you have absolutely no control over. As over 100 people were ushered out of the premises, we were told we’d be able to return in 45 minutes (after all three pools had been shocked). Apparently they’re all connected to the same pump so my son’s little “diarrhea cloud” had affected the entire place.img_9569

We set up camp at a pavilion just outside the doors and watched droves of people leave. All I could do was shake my head and feel awful for them. I AM SO SORRY PEOPLE OF BROKEN ARROW!! haha! My sweet friends tried convincing me we would have needed to break for lunch anyway, even though I knew I was wasting precious swim time for their kiddos before naps were upon us. They eventually let everyone back inside and I prayed HARD that this time his swim diaper would do its job. We stayed til long past nap-time to make up for the madness, got totally burnt, and chalked it up to a good story for the #momlife books.img_9527

With kids, there is no telling what could happen. A day at the pool might just be your celebrity moment! πŸ˜‰

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