Baby Update: 38 Weeks

So I’m technically not 38 weeks until Sunday but I’m pretty much there, right???

I’m R-E-A-D-Y, ready, to birth this kid. He’s fully cooked with all the essentials and now it’s time for him to make an appearance! haha! I am trying to hang in there, remain positive, and find the joy in what is most likely my last weeks of pregnancy forever. I’m just getting really anxious for some action. I’m ready to see his face for the first time and hold him in my arms. I’m ready for my kids to meet their new sibling and start making him part of our family. I’m SUPER excited to lose this belly and feel “nimble” again. I miss the gym routine, pants with zippers, and lying flat on my back.

I’d somehow convinced myself I’d go into labor early this time and I’m just now realizing I may not. I may have another 3 weeks of growth left! YIKES! I’ve always wanted to experience a spontaneous labor since my first two were inductions. I would love to get that “Father of the Bride” experience of racing out the door with no warning. Obviously, any way it happens is great as long as baby is safe. I’m starting to think 40 weeks may be my cut-off this go around though. I need my energy back for these kids!

My biggest complaint with this pregnancy has been the back pain. I’ve never experienced this before and it’s no joke. The only relief I’ve found is using valor and nutmeg essential oils. Matt massages them into my sore shoulder blade and lower back before bed every night. Before I discovered these I was having such fitful sleep, constantly tossing from side to side. I’ve also started seeing a chiropractor. He’s given me some helpful stretches and exercises to do each day that are slowly improving things too. At this point, it’s basically just managing the pain until I can get this weight off. Man, something stronger than Tylenol would sure be nice too! πŸ˜‰

Enough of the tough stuff and on to the beautiful aspects of carrying a tiny human in your belly…

I have loved having a four year old during this process. Emmy is so much more aware this time around and it makes things really fun. She checks off the weeks of our countdown every Sunday and squeals about how many days are left! She can hardly wait to love on her new baby brother and Tuck’s coming around too. This baby moves SO much more than I remember the other two moving. It’s such a cool feeling and I love when the kids get to feel it. Anything that makes it more real for them makes my heart happy.

I’ve definitely been in a nesting phase preparing for his homecoming. I’ve got all the little clothes washed and neatly folded away in his closet. After my shower I went through a buying rampage, grabbing up all the newborn “essentials” I felt I was missing. Online shopping is sooo dangerous for me!

I’ve started organizing a hospital bag and filling it with all kinds of exciting things like nipple cream and enormous undies. Oh joy! (I blogged about my essentials for the hospital a few years ago if you happen to be packing yourself.) I’ve been looking for some special gifts to give the kids from the baby- haha. Sounds silly but I think they’d appreciate it. I found a delicate little “E” necklace for the big sister. She doesn’t own any jewelry so this will be a very special keepsake for her. I’m pretty sure Tucker wouldn’t care or pay attention to much so I’ve had to get creative. Tuck’s become very attached to his Batman jammies and we’ve begun to have a battle getting them off of him every morning. So, I’m having some batman and robin shirts made for him and the baby. I can’t wait to see these best friends in the making in their superhero getup. πŸ™‚

Also, I feel laughably huge at this point! This lovely photo my sis-in-law captured, cracking herself up with a selfie-stick, really proves it too… haha!img_8867-1Pray this little baby comes soon and for patience for me in these last weeks or days! Almost baby time!

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