Mr. Miles: Month FIVE

Giggles. Giggles. Giggles.img_2761

Just when I thought we would never pass the ear infection/fever/crankies… we did! Praise Jesus! The end of long, sad days rewarded us with endless giggles and sweet coos. It felt like it had been far too long since we got to see Miles’ sweet smiles!

Our littlest man loves playing in the ExerSaucer and laying under his activity map. He is batting and grasping successfully. Sometimes, squealing at his success. He loves to grab hair! Peeling his sticky little fingers away from the strands is a harsh reminder of why the top knot is the best mom-do. 🙂 His awake hours are so interactive compared to earlier months. This is very exciting for his big brother and sister.

He seems to have settled into a three nap schedule of sorts. A short morning and mid-day nap and usually, a long late-afternoon nap (the only time he typically gets to nap in his bed.) It’s hard to even call it a schedule, with our spontaneous daily life. But, he has started to show patterns. 🙂 He’s still sleeping through the night, but has reached that hard phase of crying for his paci in the middle of the night. Luckily, he usually makes it til the early morning hours before he notices it left his mouth hours before.

The most exciting news of the month is that Miles is responding to his name! He turns his head to look for you when you say his name and a smile quickly spreads across his cheeks as he makes eye contact. I could just squeeze him every time, he brings our family such joy!

Miles weighs about 15lbs. His cheeks are growing fuller and fuller- they’re the most perfect chipmunk cheeks. Everyone comments on how wonderful they are…they are kissed ALL.THE.TIME. 🙂

We sure do love this little guy! He brings bright sunshine to our lives! 🙂


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