Kansas City Weekend Adventure

We spent last weekend exploring Kansas City with the kids. These short little getaways are a fun way to get in some quality time and make memories before we add another boy to our crew. We ate a ton of good food and treats, did some swimming, shopping, walking and playing. It was a quick trip full of both frustration and fun- ah the joys of traveling with sugar-high, sleep deprived toddlers.img_8131We started with some lunch at Arthur Bryant’s since KC is known for their barbecue. The line was out the door and it was clearly a must-do attraction. We liked the pulled pork best! With the kids getting pretty sleepy, we decided shopping was a good idea (why do we do this to ourselves!?).img_8134

We did a few quick laps around H&M and snagged some jeans for the kids since Mommy apparently doesn’t know what 61 degrees means. Tuck decided to play “lay all over your sister and annoy her as much as possible” at a time when Em’s patience was wearing thin. Lovely! We pushed on and decided we all deserved a treat break at yogourtini. The kids came back to life a little so Matt offered to play hide and seek at the fountains and park while I did a little shopping on my own. He’s a keeper.

The kids were thrilled when we finally gave up exploring to head to the hotel for SWIMMING! This is their absolute favorite thing to do. Emmy was about coming out of her skin by the time we pulled up. Too bad the pool was kind of a disappointment! Embassy Suites usually has a great set-up but this one was super small and over-crowded. Emmy said, “This is the best! It looks JUST like the one in Dallas!” haha! Kids really don’t care do they!? We swam until we worked up an appetite and headed back to get cozy, eat some pizza from Grimaldi’s, and watch Mr. Incredible in bed together.img_8441Emmy was SO into the movie! I’ve never seen her so enraptured before. Her mouth hung wide open the entire show. Occasionally she’d grab her head or cover her eyes saying, “Oh my goodness! I can’t watch. What’s going to happen? Oh no!” We couldn’t very well turn it off in the middle of her suspense so it was another late night for our tired littles. Tucker reallly wanted to sleep on the pull out bed with Em. They were so cute all snuggled in their matching sweatshirts that we decided to give it a try. Not soon after we had a mystery knock on our door from little Tuck saying one last goonight. πŸ™‚ After a few more disturbances it was into the pack n’ play for him.img_8439The kids woke up rearing to go. They love exploring the hotel and scouting out the breakfast buffet. We somehow avoided one last dip in the pool and headed to City Market for beignets. This was the coolest place with street music, a farmer’s market, and even yoga on the lawn. It seemed like a fun area of town to live in with lots of unique places to walk to. We found a picnic table to sit at with some coffee and these decadent treats: berry cheescake and lemon raspberry filled beignets. So good!

The kids needed to run off some steam so we took them to Antioch Park. It was so beautiful and the perfect place to spend such a gorgeous day. The most unique part was this litte old west town. They had small buildings like a jail, bank, and school house. Emmy romped around like she was riding a horse, making it her job to get the bad guys and keep Daddy in jail. Frustrated with herself not being big enough to make it to the top of a rock wall, she huffed, “UGH! I just wish I was 79!” haha!img_8438After a few hours of playing, Mommy was ready to eat once again (I’m hungry nonstop). We lunched at Port Fonda, which has a delicious brunch menu. The chimichanga was the best I’ve ever had and Tucker was all over that salsa, and it was all over him too. We walked around the eclectic neighborhood before heading back to the park and fountain we played at on Saturday. We tried to teach Emmy how to make a wish in the well and she said, “I wish for… TUCKER!!” πŸ™‚

img_8449Tuck was turning into a zombie so we finally hit the road around 4. He was passed out in no time until we decided to make a potty pit stop before hitting farmland. He woke up when we stopped the car and didn’t fall back to sleep the rest of the 4 hour drive home. It was showers and straight to bed for these tired kiddos as soon as we made it home.

I’m so thankful for my three favorite people in the world…img_8447

I can’t believe there will be FOUR people my heart bursts with love for the next time we adventure together! πŸ™‚

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