six years ago i was hit by that first wave of maternal love. totally submerged, i was forever changed. my precious baby, norah, swaddled in my hands, she melted me. she changed my soul. she made me feel full and nurturing, yet totally unprepared and reliant on jesus. her beautiful skin, the almond shape of her eyes, the perfect roundness of her head- her beauty at first sight implanted itself on my soul.

a moment in time that i will never forget.

never, did i imagine the day she would turn 6!

today, our girl is everything i could have asked jesus for. she is tenacious and confident. she is kind and nurturing. she is inquisitive and adventurous. she is fun and fast and faithful. she is wonderful.

she is so much of me. she is so much of her daddy. she is so much of herself.

what a beautiful gift and creation of God!


we LOVE LOVE LOVE you, Nor!

This year, Norah mastered reading, learned to skateboard, hiked 3miles at one time, and decided she wants to be “animal rescuer” when she grows up. She is adding double digits, enamored with “true” books, and plays outside ALL.THE.TIME. She loves rollerblading, rock climbing, snorkling and playing tennis. She says she finally learned how to do a “good” smile for the camera. 🙂 She loves to wear exercise clothes and Keens, but also LOVES pretty dresses. Her favorite sno cone flavor is Josh’s Mix with Lemon. She visited Mexico, Dallas, Branson and Gram’s pool. The Tulsa Botanic Garden is her wonderland. She finished E3 and the highlight of her year was meeting her baby brother. She thinks taking care of two brothers is a lot of work, but she is a great example and little mama. She loves her friends so much! She falls asleep at night, singing original songs to Jesus- she cherishes times of worship.

What a year this has been!


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