HBD, Jodi!

TODAY is the day! It’s the day to celebrate the girl that loves celebrations! πŸ™‚

Jodi became my BFF 28 years ago today! SheΒ entered the world with her wide eyes and fuzzy hair, seemingly instinctively ready to have a good time. She was the girl who constantly made me laugh, loved to pretend and knew just how to get under my skin. She was always the hand I got to hold when we entered new places; she was the smile I needed when school days were hard. She was silly and witty and happy.

At 28, Jodi is still all of those amazing things! She still loves to be goofy. She loves to celebrate others. She loves to capture life’s beauty. She loves to be Jesus to others.

Jodi is creative and passionate. She is a “truther”, as Norah would say. She speaks the truth and stands by her word. Jodi is beautiful, both inside and out. She seriously has the world’s best hair. She loves fashion and photography… and Amazon.com.

Sharing motherhood with Jodi has been about the greatest gift! Toddler years and giggles, school days and pretending, high school and drama, marriage and adventures… none of those days can compare with these. Having a best friend, one who will never go away, even when life is hectic and you feel like you’re drowning, is priceless. Jodi has seen me through every rough, beautiful, overwhelming, and amazing stage of life and as we walk this road of motherhood, it is humbling to think I get to share all the experiences with her.

I am SO thankful for you, Jode! Lots of hugs and love and ‘hip hip hoorays’ for your birthday!


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