Butterfly Garden

Our Norah is our ‘Butterfly Girl.” She absolutely loves butterflies- gasping in delight when they flutter across her vision or land on her outstretched fingers. She gravitates to butterfly shirts, decorations and designs. Every kindergarden school day, she made sure to specify, “Did you make sure to draw a butterfly on my note?” She is enamored with the beauty of God’s creation.

Β img_1956

Last Christmas, Aunt Jodi gave Norah this Live Butterfly Garden. We’ve had it sitting on a special shelf, waiting for the weather to be consistently warm. A couple weeks ago, we decided the magical time had arrived. We open the box, submitted our code for caterpillars and waited for our “LIVE CREATURE” package to arrive. The day it arrived, Norah was thrilled! The caterpillars arrive in a sealed container with ventilation. There is a medium in the container that they eat and over the course of about 2 weeks, we watched them go from teeny-tiny to large and fuzzy. When the tenΒ caterpillars had attached themselves as chrysalises to the top of the container, we unscrewed the container and gently moved it into our butterfly garden. Again, we waited, watching to see them emerge as beautiful butterflies.

The night it happened, we had been at Grandma’s house swimming til late at night and I got all the kids in bed while Daddy was still at work. It was far past bedtime and as I trudged around the house, putting all the toys and bathing suits back in their places, I heard rustling. It was just magical to see two of the butterflies fluttering their wet and sticky wings, preparing for their first flight. I ran up the stairs and woke Norah up… her look of surprise was priceless!

“I can get up and go see them!?,” she shrieked.

We sat for several minutes in the quite late-night, watching our butterflies dry their wings. Eventually, Norah went back to bed, dreaming of seeing more butterflies in the morning.

It took about two days, but all 10 of our caterpillars did turn into butterflies. We made nectar for them and decorated the inside of their home with flowers from our garden. Norah was just delighted to have them in our home.

When the day came to set them free, we held them in our hands and giggled as they flew from flower to tree to out of sight. Each butterfly got a name before theyΒ left Norah’s tender care (Cora, Laura, Crystal, Jack, John… and 5 more that I can’t recall) and they also received instructions to “please come back and see me!”

This was such a fun learning adventure in our home, I would recommend this easy project to everyone! πŸ™‚

I only ask to be free.Β  The butterflies are free.Β  ~Charles Dickens

This is our Norah. She is free- open to any adventure, never doubting herself, always looking to the light that shines through. She is growing and evolving and learning and changing. She is becoming more beautiful as time passes on. She spreads her joy to her family and to her friends, she looks to leave a place more happy than when she arrived. She is our beautiful butterfly….Now, if only I could pause her long enough to throughly enjoy the stage she is passing through.



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