The Girl Who Made Me a Mom…

img_7464We spent Saturday night before Mother’s Day at the Driller’s game with the kids. It was such perfect weather for relaxing on the lawn, eating snacks, and watching the game (which I’ll admit I never do much of). Emmy mostly enjoyed watching a few little boys play catch with their baseball and mitts. She looked back at us sadly and said, “I wish I could play with them!” Matt encouraged her to go ask if she could join them and she bravely did. They didn’t pay much attention to her. She just kept standing close by them, turning every now and then to give us a thumbs up signal. ha!

We felt so bad for her. Matt offered to take her to buy a baseball of her own so she could play. She was thrilled! They returned with her favorite color ball, blue! She could hardly wait to try it out. She showed the boys her ball and they immediately joined her. Pretty soon it became them playing with her ball and her watching. My parental instinct was racing as I got more and more frustrated with these little twerps. Matt would call Emmy over and explain that she needed to put her hands out and yell for them to toss it her way. They’d toss it to her may be every 15 times and she’d look back proudly with her thumbs up like it was the best thing ever.

Finally, after I couldn’t take the injustice anymore, I went over and explained to Emmy that this was her ball and she should ask for it back and bla, bla, bla. She looked at me perplexed and said, “They can play with it!!” It’s okay!” I was completely caught off guard. I felt so humbled by her joy in sharing her special new toy. She was loving every minute and all I could think of was teaching her to look out for herself.

This small incident reminded me of all the things this kid has taught me since she made me a mom. As a baby she taught me such selflessness. I suddenly realized the way my parents had sacrificed for me and the way my heavenly Father must feel towards me. As she’s grown I’ve been able to see through her eyes how God wants us to see people. She trusts completely and loves fully. She sees everyone as a friend regardless of their clothes, cleanliness, or color. She embraces people without prejudices and I pray I’m never the one to impose them on her. I pray I’m not the one to teach her selfishness or pride. Her child-like faith is something I aspire to have. She loves the Lord with all her heart and trusts him completely- the way God requires us to.

It’s a beautiful thing to have these little teachers in my life. I’m so thankful for the new perspective that motherhood has given me. Their hearty giggles, sweet cuddles, and funny sayings aren’t too bad either. πŸ˜‰Β  img_7460

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