Turning 30.

It’s refreshing.

It’s a season of confidence in who you are.

It feels settled.. and the romance is so much better! 

Everyone seemed to have good things to say about 30; but, none seemed to convince me that crossing the decade line was a fun idea. I don’t think I’ve wanted to age since the day I turned 16.

The seasons have brought their joys and challenges, but every year I look back and wish I could repeat the experiences- fixing the things I should have handled differently and soaking in the peaks a little more. Oh, if I could re-live some of the moments!

At 30, I I look back over my favorite years- 19, 23, 25, 27. They were all pretty epic. Marriage, real life, babies, fitness. What more could 30 have to possibly offer me? For some reason, I look at the days ahead and hope they aren’t filled with monotonous life. Grade school, dinners at home, late-night TV watching, trying relentlessly to get back to that pre-baby weight…and the list of what the next few years looks like goes on and on. I know the simple pleasures often bring the greatest joy… I’m the first to soak up the moment when we’re all sitting peacefully around the dinner table. BUT- the 20’s were filled with so many epic, life-changing moments.

What do the 30’s have to offer?

My goal this year is to be open to the change that 30 will bring- to embrace aging with a little more grace and to treasure the good that being “settled” brings.

I’ll let you know how that goes ;).

My life is full of love, and for that I have so much to be thankful for! I have no real reason to complain. My hands are full, but my heart is fuller.

During this season, I pray that God may use me to serve my family and my community. May He see me fit to be vessel of love to flow through. May He stregthen my heart and equip me with wisdom. May He be more real to me than ever before.

May my thirties be a season of focusing on those around me, instead of myself.

I trust Jesus that He will be the source of my epic 30’s adventure. I trust that the days and years ahead will be filled with experiences I couldn’t have written or dreamed. Cause, I know that someday,  I will look back on these days and want to wish to revisit them too.

Cheers to 30- to watching my babies turn into teenagers, to finding new dreams, to traveling with my husband, to serving others, and to loving Jesus the way He loves me.



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