Mr. Miles: Month FOUR

Hello, my baby! img_0809

This month, newborn squeaks and and skinny little legs have been replaced by full vocal sounds and squishy limbs. Eyes follow you wherever you move in a room.  The effortless drifting in and out of sleep seem to a sweet dream of yesterday.

Mr. Miles has left the newborn stage. #deepbreathMomma

Miles is still so very happy! He smiles with anyone who makes eye contact with him, lets anyone hold him and laughs constantly at his brother and sister. He has the cutest little ticklish spots on his sides that make him erupt in giggles anytime his clothes are changed.

He loves to sleep with a blankie on his face, just like his brother and sister did. We’ve been using an Aden and Anais lovie that is much like this, to let him cuddle. He holds it near his face with the backs of his hands and drifts off into precious sleep. I end up sneaky into his crib a couple minutes later to pull it away from his face.

This month was a rough health one for our family. The kids and Josh all had some pretty nasty colds and Miles survived his first fever/ear infection. I’m not an antibiotic fan and after 24hrs of a 101 fever, I took him to the doctor to make sure I was okay to still “ride out” the cries, discomfort and neediness. The doctor thought he should be able to fight the ear infection on his own, but wrote a prescription for antibiotics in case things got worse over the weekend. On a Saturday afternoon, I picked him up from a fitful nap to see yellow goop filling his ear canal and dripping down his neck. I knew his ear drum had burst immediately. This happened to Jonah at an older age and I knew from experience, that they typically get better after the pressure is released. Miles’ fever had finally broken and he seemed slightly better, but two days later the fever returned and the doctor said it was time to start the antibiotics. Within 3-4hrs Miles was a new man! Thank God for the antibiotics I so despise. 😉

We still haven’t established a daily schedule and I LOVE it! This boy is sleeping through the night (8a-8pm) and just doing life with us. Some days he cat-naps, some days crashes for a 3hr nap. He sleeps in a baby wrap, in the car seat, in his bed. He nurses great and this cover is the best thing ever.

Miles is in his FIRST SNO SHACK SEASON. He slept through most of the opening festivities, but he didn’t miss out on his first sno cone! 🙂 I’m sure there will be many more to come!

We love (kissing) his full cheeks, the way his eyes squint when he grins and the tightness of his grip when his fingers hold ours. He is  our gracious gift from God!


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