10 Weeks to Go…

After having 2 anatomy scans to check on my “low-lying placenta” my midwife felt that baby was measuring a little “skinny”. She wanted to make sure my placenta was properly nourishing our boy so she scheduled me for an “at risk evaluation”. Basically they have the technology and expertise to see way more of what’s going on and come up with a care plan. It was a long week of waiting for that appointment to come and I was so ready to finally hear what was going on.

Even if nothing was wrong, this was the coolest appointment to have. Both the ultra sound tech and doctor were so kind and thorough, walking us through each and every thing they were checking for (which was everything). They walked us through every part of his brain and showed us the way blood was flowing through his heart. They don’t see anything restricting baby’s growth (PTL). Baby boy measured 3 lbs 10 oz of healthy goodness. We got to see him in 3D and that was the best part. We’ve never had a 3D ultrasound so this was pretty epic. It got me SO excited to meet this little boy of ours. According to the doc we’ve got a healthy, growing boy, measuring 10 days ahead of schedule (please, Lord)!

I feel a huge weight lifted, knowing he’s safe in there, getting all the nutrition he needs. I can’t believe we only have 10 weeks left until we hold him in our arms. He is so loved already.

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