Easter with the Smith’s

Happy belated Easter! This year was so different for us. Tuck is recovering from a case of croup so we skipped church in favor of our jammies. We made our yearly pastel pancakes and watched a Veggie Tales Easter movie. My mom had left some cute baskets on our front step and the kids loved tearing into those. We’ve been inundated with tons of toys since Christmas so we decided to skip the Easter baskets and get the kids a big swing we’ve been wanting for the backyard instead. The swing is such a hit and I’m glad we did it but it did feel a little weird waking up without anything for them to open!

After our slow morning we finally got dressed up, cleaned up the house, and prepared for lots of family. This is our third year to host the big egg hunt and we love getting to use the backyard with all the kids.

Love my growing family! πŸ™‚

img_5152img_5249Is this the world’s cutest picture or what!? Look at Miles’ smile! img_5248

After a huge barbecue lunch the kids were ready to hunt! 123 GO!!!Β img_5170

We told the kids to leave the ones just laying in the grass for the “little kids” (Tucker). Emmy was so sweet and kept running up to give Tucker eggs and saying, “I got one for ya, Tuck! Let me help ya!” πŸ™‚

Once he discovered the eggs were filled with snacks it was over. He kept looking for his favorites like goldfish and chocolate and discarding the boring stuff like animal crackers and pretzels. haha!

I’m so glad we decided to get together even though most of the kids and some adults were feeling under the weather. Better to be sick together than miss out on all the fun.

I feel like having kids makes focusing on the meaning of holidays so much easier. We’ve had lots of talks about Jesus’ resurrection and what it means for us. We’re so thankful to raise our kids to know a risen savior! Because of what he did for us we can live forever with Him in eternity. I was so touched by Emmy’s prayer on Easter evening as she said, “Thank you Jesus for this beautiful life you’ve given us.” πŸ™‚ Knowing Jesus really is the most beautiful life.

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