What We’ve Been Up To…

I was going through my phone, trying to delete the gazillions of photos piled up and found these ones I never shared but love. So.. I’m dumping them here, where I can look back and remember all the highlights of these last couple months.

There’s been bedtime snuggles, bike practice, park time, and our first hike at Turkey Mountain. We’ve soaked up every beautiful day this winter has given us.

Emmy continues to LOVE school with her favorite friend, Jonah-man. We often pick them up together and hearing their breakdown of the day is the best. Their conversations crack me up and I wish I had the record button on.

Em continues to impress me with her mama-bear personality and absolute LOVE of her baby cousins. Not only has she been enamored with Mr. Miles but now she has a new cousin on the other side, Henry. She barely let me hold the guy before she requested another turn with him. It makes me SO excited to see her with our third.

The kids have gone from tears and tantrums to backseat hand-holding and uncontrollable giggles with one another on the daily- per usual. Sibling life is both the worst and the best for these two. We were driving down the road and I looked back to see them holding hands and smiling sweetly at one another. Em says, “I’ll love you forever, Tucker”. HEART MELTED!

This guy is my love. He requires a new level of patience and a whole lot of discipline with his screaming fits and selective hearing but I could NOT love him more. I’m hanging onto his squishy baby cheeks as long as they’re around and kissing them non-stop. He is talking like crazy now and I love hearing what he has to say. πŸ™‚

This girl is my independent adventure woman. She wants to do everything by herself! She has mastered her kazoom bike and now rides it down our back hill like the fearless woman she is. πŸ™‚ She lives for playing Paw Patrol or super heroes- day or night. She loves making up songs about Jesus and teaching Tucker all she knows about him. πŸ™‚

We’ve had lots of birthday celebrations for friends both little and big. Angie turned THIRTY this month and isn’t too excited about it. haha! We love a good excuse to eat cake and make memories with friends!

I’m so glad the kids are being raised so close to both sets of cousins. They are the best of friends!

I cannot believe we’re already nearing the end of March. We have 13 weeks left until baby (if he decides to show up on time). We’ve been working hard on baby’s room and with Matt’s dad in town they’ve been able to knock out most of the bead-board installation. I’m so excited to see it all come together. The nesting instinct has been real- with lots of trips to Goodwill and Craig’s List sales galore. It feels so good to get the house in order and ready for our newest member’s arrival in June. Luckily, Daddy got some help from Batman on brother’s room.. img_4582

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