Mr. Miles: Month THREE

And then all of a sudden, he’s THREE months old! img_9342

Time with this sweet baby is flying by! We’ve all adjusted to a new normal and Miles seems to have just joined our flow of daily fun. He brings a joy we didn’t know was missing and fills our lives with precious coos.

He is more than I could have ever dreampt! ❤

Miles is the happiest little man. He smiles whenever you look at him and lights up when you enter the room. He smiles ALL the time. He LOVES his brother and sister, just cooing away when they lay by him or read to him. He even wakes up happy, just squirming away in his bed. Which brings me to sleep…

This boy is sleeping 11-12hrs at night! He did it all on his own, just extending his sleep more and more over the weeks. I can’t tell you how many times I woke up in a shear panic, thinking it had been WAY too long since we last nursed.

Miles starting real giggling this week! It isn’t frequent, but it is the most precious thing. I will forever treasure the beautiful sound of his sweet laugh.

During the day, Miles loves to sit in the Bumbo seat. He watches me move around the kitchen or coos along as we do puzzles on the floor. He loves the Tula carrier too-tenderly resting his head on my chest as a world of wonder continues around him.

We haven’t been the to doctor in a while, so I couldn’t tell you how much he weighs. He is just starting to outgrow 0-3mo. clothing though, so I would consider us pretty much on track.

We haven’t really settled into any kind of schedule. Which, if this had been my other two babies, I would have been so uptight about. BUT, it has been SO freeing! Mr. Miles just sleeps when he needs to- whether its crashing in the carseat or in someone’s arms. He nurses maybe 6-7 times a day (it’s crazy, but I really don’t know for sure.) Sometimes I wonder if the peace and natural flow of life is what makes him such a happy baby or if it just him that makes this natural flow so effortless.

Miles- you are SO loved. You are the perfect completion to our family. You make us happy and bring back the small wonders of the world for us all to enjoy. You do not lack for attention. We sit and laugh and coo and giggle with you constantly. We watch you sleep and soak in all your tender cuddles. We are treasuring these sweet days of you being just our baby! Soon enough, you will eat snacks and crawl all over. But for now, we do not wish away these precious days!

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