PinkBlush Maternity GIVEAWAY + My Pregnancy Styling Tips

img_4269img_4282img_4273Dressing the bump gets a little less exciting the more uncomfortable you become. With Emmy it was all so new and I loved seeing my body change and grow- until it grew to 42 weeks large and waddling was my new mode of transportation. With Tucker I just refused to buy any maternity clothes and lived in Matt’s tank tops and t-shirts. Looking back, I wished I’d embraced the season of life a little more because sometimes dressing cute just lifts your spirits and makes all the difference in your mood. I’ve been having some hormonal blues lately so I’ve been making a real attempt to find things I still feel cute in, doing my hair and make-up, and trying to stay active.

I’m normally not into anything tight when I’ve got a bump. I lean more towards flowy tops and things that adequately hide my growing love handles and thighs. (yuck!) Matt’s been encouraging me to show it off more this time around. Bless him for always trying to make me feel beautiful! Sometimes just scrolling through other preggo mama’s instagram feeds gives me inspiration to put a little more effort into my maternity style so I figured some tips may help someone feel a little more confident rocking their bump. img_4286  Here’s my top 5 tips…

  1. Invest in some great jeans and a pair of leggings– You’ll be wearing these nearly every day so it’ll be worth your money to get a pair of each that you feel beautiful in. The last two pregnancies I’ve survived on old stretched out pairs of hand-me-downs or things I didn’t truly love. This time I started my pregnancy picking up a pair of black, dark wash, and hunter green skinnies that I would have wanted to wear- pregnant or not. They’ve been my staples! Now I’m on the hunt for a great pair of leggings that suck in the thighs and look great with flowy tops. 🙂
  2. Spend more on the extras– When shopping, I either look for great maternity sales (since these clothes are only going to last you 6 months or so) or great accessories that I’d love for any season of life. You can easily change up any look with a new necklace, hat, or pair of shoes.
  3. Stick to your style– Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t normally wear. If you wouldn’t normally walk around with a big bow around your belly, don’t do it while you’re pregnant. Pick things that you’d normally love like ripped skinny jeans or a flowy maxi dress.
  4. Keep it Simple– like black, neutrals, or stripes and let your accessories do the talking. I’ve been living in black because of it’s “slimming qualities”. haha! Avoid breaking the bank on brightly colored maternity tops that you can’t wear and restyle over and over again unless you just feel great in them.
  5. Comfort is key– Make sure whatever you’re spending money on during this season is comfortable for you. You’ll have enough discomforts to deal with that you won’t want to add on itchy pants or constricting clothes. I suggest finding a great maternity zip-up or sweatshirt and I promise it’ll be your go to!

We’re thrilled to have this post sponsored by PinkBlush Maternity. They have so many on trend, affordable options for styling your bump. We’re so excited to be hosting a GIVEAWAY of a $75 gift card to one of our readers! You can enter to win by simply commenting on this post or the instagram shot posted on my account: jodismith1. img_4278img_4276Also, use this coupon code: HASHTAGMOMLIFE for an extra 15% off your order! They have a super cute non-maternity selection as well!

The navy dress I’m wearing is such a catch-all, easy, breezy spring/summer dress. I love it because it hides all my insecurities and could be styled so many different ways.  Look at this poser.. 🙂 img_4272Happy shopping…

6 thoughts on “PinkBlush Maternity GIVEAWAY + My Pregnancy Styling Tips

  1. angieandjodi says:

    Thanks for entering ladies! The winner was chosen! We definitely hope to do more giveaways in the future and would love to partner with PinkBlush again so keep checking back for another chance! 🙂


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