Emersonisms XIII

img_4058 * “I was trying to sleep but Tucker was distracting me!”

*My (stuffed) dog was being bad. He bit the puppies so I’m going to take him on a walk and leave him in the street so cars crash into him..” (umm.. seems a bit harsh)img_4054*This girl is all about Lion King! We got her the golden book for Valentines and she carries it with her everywhere. One day she was telling me about the front cover saying, “I like his face.. and his mouth.. and eyes.. and chin.” (Oookay, then! haha)

*I got in the front seat of the car after running into the house for my sunglasses. Em said something and I asked her to repeat herself and she gives me an exasperated look and says, “I was talking to Tucker. Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking to Tucker!”img_4065 * “Don’t distract me Tucker (while cleaning up books)! You’re not like the boss!”

*Matt was explaining the election to Emmy and told her, “we vote for the person who we want to run the country..” Emmy’s response? “Ohh.. is it an owl!? An owl in a tree??” (Apparently she heard “coun-tree”) hahaha!img_4060 *”When I grow up I am absolutely going to hang from that!” (referring to our entry-way chandelier)

*Dad: Tell me what you did at school today Em!

E: Oh I made something ABSOLUTELY cool! (If you can’t tell- absolutely is her new word!)

Dad: What did you make!?

E: I don’t remember… img_4055

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