Baby Hairs and Belly Buttons

23 Weeks with baby Smith #3

Oh hormones, lovely pregnancy hormones. I’m hoping they’re to blame for nearly everything I’m dealing with right now. Ha! I’ve been noticing those annoying little hairs around my forehead that like to poke out as if to say, “you didn’t think a massive belly was all this entailed right!?”. I don’t remember getting these until after baby was born before but am not surprised to see them as everything is appearing much earlier than any pregnancy before. Hey- here’s hoping that means baby comes early this time too (fat chance). So far, our kids like to hibernate as long as allowed! Also, an outie belly button!? Mine is definitely popping out super weird like it never has in the past. I just keep hoping all of this will return to “normal” after baby arrives.

Being pregnant is such a unique experience where your body just kind of takes over and makes all these changes both physical and hormonal without your knowledge. I’ve been crying at the drop of a hat and feeling all kinds of moody on the regular. Baby is moving constantly now! It’s incredible to feel his life inside me. It definitely makes things more “real”. I can’t wait until you can feel it from the outside really well and Emmy can experience his movements. The one downside of his activity is bedtime. My sleep has been so fitful and constantly interrupted by trips to the bathroom. I swear this kid is positioned right on my bladder because this is a new one for me too. I can’t do a jumping jack or run a lap around the track without feeling pressure.

Now that I’ve been through this experience a few times, I know that I need to enjoy these next 6 weeks. Although pregnancy has always been relatively easy and somewhat enjoyable for me- my body is only going to get bigger and movements more uncomfortable the farther along I get. I know enough to know I should appreciate this “smaller” belly before I’m bumping into everything and holding my breath to tie my shoes.

I’ve been hungry all throughout the day. Anytime- I’m always down to eat. I’ve been on a really unhealthy trend of eating candy after every meal. I keep that delicious Australian licorice in my console so I can chew and drive. Not a great habit for someone who’s trying not to blow up. Yikes! Pretty much the only healthy cravings I’ve had so far are oranges and sparkling water.

I’ve started having these shooting leg cramps in my right leg completely at random. It’s not like a charlie horse or any cramp I’ve ever had before. It feels like an extremely painful electrical shock and I can’t help but cry out in pain when it abruptly starts happening. From all my google research the best idea I have is sciatic pain. I guess some pregnant women experience so much pressure on a certain area of their back that it manifests through these terrible leg cramps. Anyway, I’m hoping it doesn’t continue the rest of the pregnancy because it’s kind of embarrassing to be out in public and suddenly squeal in pain causing everyone to think you’ve suddenly gone into labor. ha!

Emmy and Tuck are so excited to meet their new baby brother. Anytime it’s warm outside Emmy asks if that means the baby will come that day. Aw! Waiting is hard when you’re 4! For me- I’m hoping we can stretch these next four months out as long as possible. I feel like we have so much to do: decorate baby’s room, choose a name, pull out all our baby gear, and squeeze in all the love and life we can before we’re a busy/tired family of FIVE! img_3203

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