Mr. Miles Month TWO


Miles Beck is 2months old now. We’re done quoting his age in weeks- how crazy is that?!

He is still so pleasantly sweet. He cries when he’s tired and hungry, but rarely else. He falls asleep in your arms and loves to face out to the world when he’s awake.

He plays great on his floor mat, kicking at the rattles and cooing with the music. He tolerates tummy time, but isn’t the biggest fan. He’s decided the pacifier is a “go” but doesn’t yet “need it.”

Miles made the transition to his crib with ease. Though we miss having him close to us, we’re sleeping much more sound without the baby squeaks and gurgles. He is sleeping about 8hrs straight most nights! #hiphiphooray He nurses more frequently during the day since the extended sleep began, but that is a pretty fair trade for a tired momma!

He weighs around 12lbs and is growing so fast! He can roll from tummy to back, loves to “hold hands,” and follows with his eyes as objects move through his line of sight. He LOVES to smile! He’s working on his laugh, but right now, he just sounds  like a COPD patient in distress. 😊

This month has been a month of learning to manage 3. We’ve ventured out lots more…and then taken days to recover. We’ve done date nights and had Grandmas babysit. We’ve sat and cuddled and tried to remember that as fun as the “doing” is, the “resting” is just as rewarding.

We love you, our sweet Miles! Each day with you is a treasure and we continually thank God for your perfect place in our lives.

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