Let’s Go!

Dallas Getaway

We decided to take a little road trip to Dallas with the kids over the weekend. We wanted to do some shopping for baby boy’s room and figured this would be a great way to make some memories with the kids before we become a family of FIVE! img_2954We got an early start to the day with Emmy waking us up at 4am having wet her bed. Just as we were trying to fall back to sleep our home security alarm went off notifying us a door had been opened. We bounced out of bed to find Emmy had been trying to get into the car to look for her lion king book. Oh boy! WAAA! We never could fall back to sleep so we gave up around 5 am and started packing up the car. We woke a very sleepy Emmy up at 6 and piled into the car to start our adventure.

Shopping with kids is never easy and I think we underestimated just how “fun” dragging them through a bunch of home stores would be. Breakables and Tucker are never a wise combination. We found some pieces at World Market before deciding it was time to let the kids run and indulge in some In N’ Out. Let the vacation diet begin…img_3104

img_3114img_3119After lunch we explored the massive HomeGoods in Frisco. I’ve been having THE hardest time making decisions while pregnant. It’s kind of driving me crazy. I basically wandered the store, liking 1,000 things, and walking out with a toy basket and baby blanket. Matt kept asking me questions and trying to help me make choices on furniture and I just wanted him to pick. That NEVER happens so this is weird. Haha!

I have so many great memories of my parents taking us to hotels for weekend getaways, just to swim in the pool and jump on the beds. Our kids were thrilled to be staying the night in a hotel! They could not get to the pool fast enough so we just pushed nap time til almost 4 o’clock so they could swim and explore. This hotel pool made all my dreams come true. It was like hot bath water- probably the warmest pool I’ve ever been in. PTL! Tucker cracked us up with his love for the hot tub! Emmy just wanted to show us her cool tricks, swim underwater, and go backwards, while Tuck just kept sneaking back to the hot tub. 🙂 We were all ZONKED after our big day of waking up early, traveling, shopping, and swimming. We all took naps (so nice) before meeting our friend, Jimmy, for pizza and gelato.

Since the kids napped late and it was “vacation” and all we hit the pool one more time before bed and the kids stayed up super late playing so hard. We snuggled in the big cozy bed and read stories. Tucker found a new game of elbowing Daddy in the face that had us all cracking up. 🙂 Sweet memories to cherish forever!

img_3137 img_3138 img_3140The next morning it was breakfast, more swimming, more shopping and a mission to find the best cronuts in the city! We found some DELICIOUS ones at Jaram’s donuts. Strawberry cheesecake, chocolate, and maple bacon croissant donut heaven! 🙂

Just look at those layers of goodness…img_3151


At this point, we’d pretty much run the kids ragged and had checked out of our hotel room so naps in the car it was. We’d gotten some fun things for baby boy’s nursery, made lots of fun memories, eaten plenty of delicious food, and it was time to head home. We left this trip feeling so thankful for our family as vacations always seem to do. Quality time together is precious.

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