This great love.

10 years ago, it was a snowy, cold, icy day in Oklahoma. The church was draped in flowers that seemed more plentiful than the snow crystals outside; the magic in our hearts was more real than any Disney film. Our wedding was everything this 19 year old girl in 2006 could dream of–big prom hair, hot pink dresses, white eye shadow, tiaras and flowers...lots and lots of flowers 🙂 It was a dream come true.

A real, true dream come true…

My prince charming was my best friend and he loved me more purely than I ever knew possible. We had nothing, no promise of wealth or easy days filled with luxury. BUT, we had each other and our hole-in-the-wall apartment was our mansion. We lacked for nothing. The love we knew was full and vibrant. It carried us through the greatest adventures, as well as the simple monotonies of life. We were ridiculously in love.

Yet, we knew only a glimpse of the depth our love would grow. 

College ended, life started, we made life-long friends and saw a small bit of the world. We bought a house and adopted a dog. Our love seemed more full than ever.

I thought these were the days I would someday wish for.

But, like the sun erupting over the horizon on a clear day, our love burst through the limits  we had given it. In 2010, our sweet baby lay swaddled in our arms and we cried happy tears, unable to process the sudden expansion of love in our lives. How was this possible? Hadn’t we known all the love we could handle?

My prince charming was now more charming than ever. He cared for us in a tender, gentle, encouraging way. He made us feel safe and his love was even more pure than before. Surely, this was our greatest adventure of love.

Surely, I couldn’t love him more.

Then there was baby #2 and baby #3, they brought us unimaginable, incomprehensible amounts of love. They brought a completion to our family and new security to our love. This would be our greatest love work– raising this family together, wrapped in the security of our love for each other.

These are the days I will wish for…

So here we stand, 10 years and countless experiences of love later. Our admiration for each other feels more vibrant and full than we ever imagined. It is a happy, silly, fun, pure love that we know. A love that fills my heart with confidence and makes me brave for the life that still awaits.

The prince charming that greeted me at the alter, still greets me every morning. He is more handsome than ever and he makes my heart giddy with love. When did he finally grow facial hair?

Everyday is a new chance for adventure and every year brings new depths to this great love.

I love you, Josh! I am thankful for you, proud of you, amazed by you.

You are my life’s greatest love.

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