Emersonisms XII

*I’m changing my clothes and Emmy comes over to me and says, “Do you know why I was closing my eyes?” “Because I didn’t want to see your butt!” lolimg_2430

*”Mom, when I turn four, this time I’ll try to stay four.”img_2429

*”Sometimes lions live in their own Mexico place where they feed their lion cubs like nachos and stuff…”img_2431

* E: “I’m learning to love Super Why.”

Me: “Oh, that’s great Em! It’s such a good show for you because it teaches you about letters and spelling and thats just what you’re learning about in school right now.”

E: (pouty expression) “Well… I really just want to learn how to fly.”img_2428

*”I put on my helmet in case we crash into anything.” (driving in the car)img_2427

*Jesus, You Are My Best Friend comes on our Pandora kids worship station in the car and she immediately exclaims, “Oh! This is a BEAUTIFUL song. I love this one!”img_2214

* (Talking about ice skating and how she liked going around with Daddy).

Me: “Ya, because he’s so strong and can hold you up and make you feel safe.”

E: “Ya! Because he had a REALLY good workout!”

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