Wish List for Baby #3

Most of our “baby stuff” dates back to Emmy’s birth. We’ve still got our essentials and old favorites like a swing, pack n’ play, NoseFrida, and bottles. But,  let me tell you, there are SO many cool new things out there just in the last four years. I’m shocked and excited about all the inventions to make life easier and even more stylish for new moms and babies. I’ve been keeping a running list of the things I definitely want to add to our stash before baby #3 arrives. These are some of the coolest new baby items that I hear new moms raving about…

baby items

  1. Bandana Bibs– Bibs are just not that cute so these hipster bandana style ones are the answer! Miles has been looking way too handsome in his! I definitely need a stash of these for our baby boy.
  2. iPhone Monitor System– Some friends of ours use this security camera hooked up to their iphones as a monitor and love it. We definitely don’t feel like investing another couple hundred into a baby monitor that ends up clonking out after a year so we’re excited to give this a try this time around.
  3. Pumping Bra– OMG! I first saw this in use with my sister-in-law, Chelsea, and could not believe this invention wasn’t available with my babies. I couldn’t stand pumping mostly because you couldn’t multi-task at all so this hands free way of pumping is an answer to prayer for me! Can’t wait to try it! I’ve also heard you can easily DIY this with sports bras and get the same effect.
  4. Covered Goods Nursing Cover/Car Seat Cover/ Grocery Cart Cover- Angie and Chelsea both use these and they look so cute and easy too! They’re nice and big and stretchy like an infinity scarf that can be used several different ways. Need one!
  5. Slouchy Beanies– With newborns it’s all about keeping their heads warm so these slouchy beanies are perfect to keep the little guys looking both cool and cozy.
  6. Wub a Nub Pacifier– We always had the problem with pacifiers falling out of our kids mouths and interrupting a perfectly restful sleep. I’ve heard these help balance the paci’s in their mouths much better so I’m giving it a try this time! Here’s hoping they make pacifiers a little easier to find around the house too!
  7. Baby Moccasins– Shoes and babies just don’t go well together but these moccs have always been easy to keep on the kids feet. They sell such cute colors and patterns now at great prices on sites like Jane.com or Sweetnswag.com.
  8. Rock N’ Play– Another way to get baby sleeping comfortably! I hear these are amazing!
  9. Tula Baby Carrier– I imagine I’ll be wishing I had several extra arms when this third boy joins the crew so a comfortable and easy baby carrier feels essential. I’ve tried several and can’t find one that works well for me. I’ve heard from Angie that splurging on this one will solve my baby wrapping problems forever.
  10. Puj Tub– With our whale baby tub getting a little old and icky, I’d love to use this to bathe our little guy in our large kitchen sink. Baths are so tricky in those first few months so anything to make the process more enjoyable for all of us is on my list!

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