2016 According to my iPhone

It’s been pretty chilly around here. We’ve enjoyed it and now we’re over it. We miss the days of summer spent playing at the pool with friends. We got tired of being cooped up one weekend and bundled the kids for a frigid walk around the block in the sunshine.

Baby boy is growing and so is this bump of mine! We’re almost halfway there and time is FLYING by! I feel like I’m in the sweet spot of pregnancy just after all the fatigue subsides and just before you start feeling uncomfortably large. I’m trying to soak up the awesomeness of this whole experience while I can…

Little bro was so active at our last ultrasound!

Emmy still LOVES going to school with Jonah-man. She gets so excited when I say it’s a school day the next morning. 🙂 They celebrated her bday last week and she was thrilled to be the “snack girl” and share the sprinkle popcorn we made. Ang brought Jonah in late one morning and got to watch circle time from the door. She told me Emmy was front and center answering every question with excitement. It makes me so happy to hear she’s engaged and chimes in. I’ve been giving Jonah a ride home lately and their backseat conversations are the cutest thing to listen to as they rehash the day in their 4 year old way.

I’ve been loving my special days with just Tucker. He seems to really enjoy the alone time and getting to be the center attention for a bit. 🙂 He is such a funny kid and coming to life more everyday. He’s taken off with his vocabulary and we love to hear him talk away.

He’s my little buddy for sure.

We made the most of our one snow day this year with an Old School Bagel run, sledding, and Philbrook’s Second Saturday. Emmy was determined to sled even though it was mostly wet slush. She wouldn’t give up and Matt stayed outside with her while Tuck and I watched from the window. 🙂 The girls even made it in the Tulsa World for their screen-printing project at the museum.

Emmy’s birthday was spent face timing Grandma, running to Target to get a Paw Patrol helmet for her new KaZam bike, having lunch at Pei Wei with the cousins, and making pizza at Gram’s house in celebration. I think she likes her PP helmet more than her bike and has been wearing it almost nonstop, even begging to wear it into stores. haha!

Matt turned 32 this month! We babysat Georgia over the weekend so we did an early date night to Hop Bunz and the movies. It was so nice to get that alone time and have fun together just the two of us. Thanks Mom!

Emmy was the absolute sweetest with her cousin Georgia over the weekend. It got me so excited to see her with a new baby brother soon. She was so gentle and kind and really looked out for her, read her stories, and entertained her like crazy.

Saturday night we went to the Toyland Ball for Parent Child Center. It was such a beautiful event for a great organization. It’s always a fun night catching up with old friends and enjoying something fancy together.img_1623One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to be more committed to being at church every Sunday and so far we’re doing good. It’s so easy with little kids and sickness, traveling, and schedules to give yourself a pass on Sunday mornings. I’m always so happy when we do go and I know I’ll be thankful if we just commit to being there and drop the excuses. The kids have been loving their children’s church and learning so much. Melts my heart!

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