Mr. Miles: Month ONE

Our sweet little boy has been with us for 1 month now. How did the time creep by so quickly?!


Some days (and most nights) have felt so long and exhausting, yet I look back and feel like it was just yesterday that I heard his first cries. Every moment with him is one that I am doing my best to cherish. Knowing that this little one will be the last Juarez baby, makes the moments all the more precious.

Miles weighs somewhere around 10lbs (guessing) now. He weighed in 2 weeks ago at 8lbs11oz and he is nursing like a champ. He is very peaceful and seems to only cry when he is hungry or tired. He nurses about every 3hrs, but some nights he’ll give us a 4-5hr stretch. Our schedule with him is still pretty unpredictable though. I hope to keep him flexible, in order to mesh with our life, yet we are trying to establish patterns and teach that night is for sleeping. #momistired

Miles has the sweetest newborn smell. When he cuddles into me, I try to capture the warmth in my memory. He squeaks a lot and grunts in his sleep- I wonder what his fluttering-eye dreams are about?

He follows fluttering fingers as they cross his line of vision, he kicks and squirms on his play-mat, he can’t decide if he likes a pacifier or hates it. He gives lots of gassy winks and smiles and babbles. He takes the most comfort when he is swaddled in his Daddy’s secure arms. He is used to lots of noise and barely flinches with the dog barks or big kids run by screaming.


 Miles showed us his first “real” smiles the last couple days. An early morning, high-pitched “Hi, Mr. Miles! I love you!” with a big grin seems to be the best way to get a sweet smile.


This has been a sleepy, low-key month of adjustment. We have treasured so many quiet moments and sang many lullabies. Our hearts have only expanded with love for this sweet little one. He is God’s perfect gift to our family.

We love you, Mr. Miles! ❤

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