Happy Birthday Emerson!


This year has been BIG for Em. She’s gotten so tall and thatΒ baby face is long gone! She is a great big sister- so patient and kind to her brother, which is quite a job. πŸ™‚ That’s not to say they don’t have problems sharing but I’m always impressed by her sweet spirit. This year she started preschool and loves it! She loves going with Jonah-man, her “best friend”, and having music class where they sing silly songs. She loves jamming out to her favorite songs and pretending with her Paw Patrol toys all day long. She is always up for an adventure and knows how to have fun! Her laughter is everything!Β It’s the most joyful noise and makes my heart explode every time I hear it. She loves Jesus with all her heart and treasures her Bible. She makes up songs to the Lord that will melt your heart. She has always had the most easy-going personality which has been a HUGE blessing to us. She’s our happy-go-lucky girl with the funniest little sayings. We are SO proud of the person she is and so excited to see the person she will become! What would our lives be like without her? Thank you Jesus for our precious girl!

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