4th Annual Emmy Awards


I have to give credit for this amazing theme to our friend, Sedef. She gave me this idea back when Emmy was two and I’ve been wanting to do it ever since. It was SO much fun to brainstorm ideas for this party and get into crafting. We love having everyone in our home, catching up with friends, and watching our kids have a ball together. I always go overboard with these parties simply because I love cutting, gluing, and pretty much creating things of any kind. It’s my way of really wowing my kids, making them feel special, and getting a chance to be creative.

This year Emmy was SO excited about her party! It was the most adorable thing. She noticed the little kids cookie decorating table the night before and said, “Oh my goodness! This is just OH soooo CUTE! I love it! Thank you Mom for this party! I love everything!” and gave me a big hug. Well if that doesn’t make all the hot glue gun burns and 10 trips to Hobby Lobby worth it! My heart was melted and it was everything this mom could wish for.img_1321img_1393We have a large mirrored wall in our dining room which seemed like the perfect spot for a “step and repeat”. I used red butcher paper for the red carpet and white butcher paper to cover the wall. I printed off some Emmy award logos and used a glue stick to attach them every few inches. I rented a couple stanchions and a red rope to make it feel like a real red carpet event.

I pulled out every silly dress-up thing we had for Photo Booth props. My mom offered my dad’s old tennis trophy as an “Emmy Award”. I used gold glitter paper to turn him into an Emmy complete with a dress, wings, and shiny gold ball. 🙂img_1395

This was my favorite part of the party. The little girls- all in their tutus and sparkles, digging through the Photo Booth props as if they were pretending ultimate dress-up! The parents were definitely paparazzi like you’ve never seen with these cuties working it! 🙂


My first project was this gold sequin backdrop. I’ll be honest this turned into a bit of a nightmare. I first tried wrapping it in gold paper like the tutorial suggested. It wound up matching the sequins too much so I spray painted them gold instead. Of course I ran out and had to buy another can for the tiny square left over. ugh! Matt put a wood frame on the back to hold the two foam boards together without bending. The staples weren’t quite big enough and it kept coming detached in areas. Then the big frustration.. the gold sequin packets ($2 each) I picked up wound up only covering one row so I quickly realized this was going to be a gazillion dollar project. No thanks! I ended up hand cutting hundreds of circles from the gold wrapping paper into the size of the sequins and intermixing them. Each circle is pinned in (ouch). It was definitely one of those things I would have abandoned had I not already invested so much time and cash into. Who wants to buy this and help me feel better about it? 🙂 img_1398We used it as a backdrop for cookie decorating in the office. I made star shaped sugar cookies and my first ever royal icing (that stuff is THICK) for the kids to decorate their own “hollywood stars”. 

img_1409 img_1405It was super cute too see all these adorably dressed little cuties in their aprons, hard at work on their creations.

I made this fun little poster of “Emersonisms” for the party… love our funny girl!

For the fireplace I printed some of my favorite Emmy instagrams at Sam’s Club. They do 4X4 prints for super cheap! I found these letters 50% off at Hobby Lobby and Matt almost had me arrested for such a “ridiculous purchase”. ha! I assured him they would go in Emmy’s room after the party and weren’t JUST to have her “name up in lights” for a couple hours. I cracked up when he told me we better be naming our next child Memy to make this purchase worth it. haha!img_1412

img_1411For the food table I layered some simple tissue tassel banners in gold, white, and silver. We went simple with kid friendly foods like deli meats, cheeses, grapes, crackers, and PB&J sandwiches. I also made some of the Sahinalp’s famous artichoke dip for adult (my) enjoyment. So good! img_1436

img_1435Since this was an awards show and all we needed a popcorn bar. I had a few different kinds along with some “movie candy” and “red carpet ropes” to mix in. img_1418We made this birthday popcorn with some melted white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. It was also her special snack for her friends at school the day before!

img_1420Last year Emmy requested a strawberry, chocolate, cream cake for our family party. It was the highlight of her year. I overhead her telling someone about it just the other day at the park. haha! So, this year I knew I had to fulfill her special request once again. This time she decided on a chocolate, peanut butter, cream cake. I love her taste! I searched Pinterest and found this one to attempt. When asked about her favorite part of the party she replied, “eating the cake!!!”, without hesitation. 🙂 img_1424


This girl had the best day with her friends and family. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! We love doing life with your kids and families and are so thankful for you all! You made Emmy feel so loved!

Love all these memories made…


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