Baby Smith #3 is a…

img_1133-1We went in for an appointment at 13 weeks along, not expecting to get an ultrasound. It was a randomly slow day for our doctor and she happily agreed to give us an ultrasound just to see if we might be able to tell gender yet. I was not prepared to hear this news so early! It seemed like as soon as she touched my stomach our little man made it clear he was a BOY. Our doctor was caught off guard by how clearly we could see and seemed to feel a little funny giving us the final word that early on.
img_1131-1We stopped off at Starbucks to let the “boy news” wash over us. We stared at each other with minds racing. We talked about what life would look like. We called our siblings to share the news before returning home to tell the kids. We wished for Angie to have a boy too so all three of the “cousin moms” could raise boys together. 🙂

img_1121-1img_1145-2I’ve always been best friends with my sister and couldn’t imagine life without her. I want to give Emmy that- a sister and built in best friend for life. I believe this may be the last baby we have so it kind of felt like the door was being closed on having sisters. I was so nervous about telling my sweet girl that it actually wasn’t a baby girl growing in there. She’d been so set that this was her sister, that she wouldn’t even entertain the idea of another brother. I tried so hard to set her expectations straight but she wouldn’t have any of it. She even told her teacher that we’d already “seen the girl parts at the doctor”. haha! I have no clue where she even got that verbiage so that shows you how much she truly believed it was a girl.

img_1130-1img_1143-2 img_1132-1We walked in, greeted the kids and Gram, and sat on the couch to spill the beans. Matt told Emmy it was a boy as I gritted my teeth, hoping my three year old wouldn’t care too much. She immediately broke into tears like you’ve never seen, bawling her eyes out. She held onto me, sobbing, attempting to talk through the tears, “You’re making me SO sad when you say brother! I don’t like that…I was going to name her POLKA DOT!!!” I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I went on to explain to her that we didn’t get to choose but God does. I told her how we can trust Him and that He knows the perfect person for our family. We talked about how we’d be the only girls in the family and always best friends. We’d do all the girl stuff together and have a special bond. About twenty minutes later she finally said, “Well, may be when I see his hair I’ll like him…” If this kid pops out with blue hair, she’ll be a happy camper. 🙂

img_1144-2I’m so glad we find out the gender early because we’ve been able to use this time to come around to the unexpected. All I know is that this baby is loved. We didn’t need to know the gender to know that. I have NO doubt he will be the perfect person for this family. I trust that God knows the right sibling for Emmy and Tucker. I trust that we’ll love this kid like we can’t believe and never be able to imagine our lives without him. I’m excited that Tucker will have a brother so close in age. I’m thrilled to feel our love grow in ways we never believed it could. I’m looking forward to all the heart bursting moments of sibling love I’m about to witness. God is SO good and his plans are always better than our own. We can’t wait to meet you baby BOY!img_1128-1

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