17 Week Update

I can hardly believe we’re approaching the half-way mark of this pregnancy already! It’s been flying by so far, which I can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing. The holidays + baby Miles + the big kids have served as a great distraction from the tougher early weeks but I also want to enjoy this pregnancy in case it’s the last. I feel overwhelmed to think of all the things I need to accomplish before baby’s arrival and how little (nothing) we’ve gotten done so far.

I was so thankful to start feeling a lot more “myself” in the last couple weeks. I’d been indulging in a steady diet of chips, queso, and Ben and Jerry’s, without much energy to get off the couch to do anything. I’ve started fueling my body with a lot cleaner food and working out regularly again. It makes such a difference for me (go figure!).

Emmy loves to give the baby hugs and always tells me how excited she is for the baby to come out. She keeps telling me, “Wow. It’s taking this baby a long time to get here.” She loves to include them in her bedtime prayers and says, “Thank you Jesus for my baby that’s in Mommy’s tummy..” πŸ™‚ It kinda makes me feel like little more than her surrogate but it’s too sweet that she takes such ownership of her sibling. Tucker still seems pretty oblivious to what’s going on and loves jumping directly on my stomach, slamming into me, and all the usual boy things. We’ve been talking about being so careful around the baby and being gentle (foreign concepts for this guy). I’m hoping to bring the kids along to our 20 week ultrasound and may be it’ll get more real for them.

I still have a hard time believing we’re doing this again! It’s only getting more “real” the bigger my belly grows. I’ve felt the baby move a couple times and it catches me completely by surprise, reminding me of the precious life growing within me. This whole process always leaves me in complete amazement of God and the way he’s created us. Each life is such a miracle!img_1113


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